3 Things to Seriously Consider Before an SEO Campaign

So, there’s this thing called SEO that everyone keeps talking about. You’ve been told that your brand is in critical need of organic optimization for search engines in effort to improve visibility, generate stronger awareness, and ultimately create qualified leads. With search engines such as Google that cover nearly 70% of the search market, Bing/Yahoo approximately 30%, and YouTube being the world’s second largest search network, it should really be a no-brainer, right? Wrong! Companies are failing at clear interpretation of SEO necessity as a major hurdle preventing each from unlocking full brand potential. But, before I go off the deep end, let’s explore further the nuances of SEO. (more…)

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Important SEO On-Page Factors to Consider in Setup or Optimization Process

SEO remains a critical component in the marketing mix for success online. If you’ve not jumped on the bandwagon just yet, well chances are your brand may be suffering and not utilizing untapped potential. SEO visibility helps put products and services at the fingertips of potential customers as they utilize search engines to scope out such information. Targeted search visibility stands of critical importance in establishment of brand awareness, trust, relationship building, and most importantly revenue generation. The sole focus of this particular blog post is to outline the importance of SEO on-page factors when it comes to setup or optimization of individual pages on your website. (more…)

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[SEO] Capturing Search Queries Thru Google Analytics


Your website serves as a virtual presence of your brand.  The essence of products and services offered and a bread-maker.  A large element that plays a significant role in the success you experience solely lies in the structure of your content and overall messaging.  Particularly from an SEO standpoint it’s imperative that potential customers are interacting with your website via industry specific keyword terms.   (more…)

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5 Tips for SEO Improvement in 2012


Since the rise of Google back in 2000 SEO has become a crucial element to any brand’s marketing plan.  More users are spending time on the internet in searching for various products, services, research or comparison shopping.  This presents a tremendous opportunity for any brand that’s seeking online visibility.  With over 75% search market share alone Google leads as the top dog in offering business owners the opportunity to get found by their target audience.  Reaching your target market though isn’t as easy as it may sound and will definitely require some serious elbow grease to get the results you’re looking for.  In 2011 alone we saw some dramatic changes to Google’s search algorithm which have made a drastic impact on SEO. (more…)

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[SEO] Importance Of Fresh Content & 3 Ways To Maintain It


When it comes to Search Engine Optimization it’s primarily about the delivery of fresh content.  To many business owners it still remains a shady area.  Something that someone like yourself has been  puzzled about for quite some time.  Why is fresh content so important?  Is it a requirement for search engine like Google, Bing or even Yahoo?  For the sake of this blog post we’re not argue the fundamentals of a search engine or search engine robot.  Although what I am going to discuss is the importance of fresh content and tell you about several ways that you can maintain it. (more…)

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5 Internet Marketing Strategies You Shouldn’t Ignore


Innovative marketing on the internet today presents a competitive challenge even for some of the most talented marketing gurus.  One thing remains true though – the web serves as a predominant playground that yields tremendous amount of business potential.  If utilized efficiently it can provide higher ROI than most of your traditional marketing efforts that you may be currently involved in or have attempted in the past.  With over 121 million searches performed in Google on daily basis, proper execution of effective internet marketing strategies will help your brand acquire targeted traffic and leads.


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SEO No Longer Optional, Now A Necessity


I’ve been in the SEO industry for about six years now.  That’s six years that I’m counting which includes professional experience and consultation that I have provided to others.  For as long as I can remember there was always an urge for search.  My fascination with the way people searched on the web had always been there.  It wasn’t until around 2005 though when I truly decided to pursue this passion professionally.  Search Engine Optimization impacts every brand on the web today.  Regardless of whether you’re a profit or non-profit organization that’s seeking to create more awareness about your products and services.  Visibility matters!  If you aren’t found, you’re losing on potential revenue.


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SEO – Takeaways From Google’s “Freshness” Update

On Friday, Nov. 3, 2011 the SEO community received a wake up call that may have left an aftershock thru the weekend and perhaps for the weeks to come.  For anyone that’s interested in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and internet marketing specialists in particular will find the following information to be quite resourceful.  Google’s “Freshness” update was discussed by none other than SEOmoz CEO & Co-Founder Rand Fishkin (@randfish).  This time around on special whiteboard Friday next to Rand was Mike King (@iPullRank) sharing the new changes in Google’s algorithm which have reflected approximately 35 percent of searches in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). (more…)

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