Innovative marketing on the internet today presents a competitive challenge even for some of the most talented marketing gurus.  One thing remains true though – the web serves as a predominant playground that yields tremendous amount of business potential.  If utilized efficiently it can provide higher ROI than most of your traditional marketing efforts that you may be currently involved in or have attempted in the past.  With over 121 million searches performed in Google on daily basis, proper execution of effective internet marketing strategies will help your brand acquire targeted traffic and leads.

Top 5 Internet Marketing Strategies

The days of the newspaper are slowly coming to an end.  Sadly, some have already closed doors due to a change in the landscape.  Billboards and tv ads are optional in  most part for Big Bucket, Inc. or companies with large budgets.  For the rest of you that fall in the small to medium-size business range, internet marketing should play a significant role within your marketing plan.  If you’re looking for additional internet marketing strategies to increase brand visibility and influence, I highly suggest that you check out – “Smarter, Faster, Cheaper book by The Rise To The Top‘s host David Siteman Garland.

  1. Website – it’s no longer considered an optional approach.  With over 121 million searches performed daily on Google it’s only one of many reasons your brand should have a website.  On average 70% of consumers are using some type of search method for comparison shopping, research or competitor analysis.  Google dominates approximately 65% of that search market.  If you’re currently seeking options for creating or revamping brand presence, feel free to contact me about web development services.  A properly built website doesn’t have to break the bank although will provide the necessary exposure to market yourself effectively.
  2. Search Engine Optimization – organic visibility matters on the web beyond just your website presence.  Internet searchers are looking for products or services that your brand offers using industry specific terms.  It’s important that your domain consists of content and keywords that match the products and services being offered.  It will provide an edge over your competition when consumers are performing various related searches.  Most people think that SEO is something you can do in-house or by only having a basic understanding of the field.  There’s a science and chemistry to SEO and would strongly advise the assistance of an experienced SEO professional.
  3. Search Engine Marketing – establishing an effective brand presence on the web will take some time.  In particular traffic activity isn’t something that you can acquire overnight specifically if there’s a lack of brand appeal.  Search Engine Marketing platforms such as Google AdWords and Microsoft Advertising provide advertisers with the necessary infrastructure for marketing to consumers on the respective search engines.  Pay-Per-Click Marketing (as commonly referred to) is a cost-effective alternative for driving targeted traffic to your website domain in an effort to generate leads and improve ROI.  Find out more about search engine marketing services for your brand!
  4. Social Media – as of the last few years social media has positioned itself as a necessary internet marketing strategy that’s crucial to the success of nearly every brand.  Its core purpose consists of entirely on the real-time communication techniques for creating and contributing to a dialogue with other fellow users via social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  Over 40% of U.S. businesses have acquired new revenue by leveraging the potential of these individual social channels.  Consider the inclusion of social media marketing as a standalone internet marketing strategy.  If you’re unsure about how to get started, let’s discuss in further detail.
  5. Video – the power of video marketing continues to rise with plenty of untapped potential.  “An image is worth a thousand words”.  Same principle applies to the potential ROI that your brand can acquire by utilizing video platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo.  There are approximately 3 billions views per month on video content including 48 hours of video material being uploaded each minute to these video platforms.  That’s a 50 percent increases since 2010!  It goes to show that there’s plenty of untapped potential for any brand that’s seeking to tap into the video realm.  Consumers love informational video content that provides details on products or services of interest.  Setting up a YouTube or Vimeo channel may be suitable and provide additional exposure for your brand.

With the increased traffic activity on the internet today these internet marketing strategies are only shaping up to provide even greater ROI in 2012.  Put your brand on the move and begin utilizing the untapped potential.