When it comes to Search Engine Optimization it’s primarily about the delivery of fresh content.  To many business owners it still remains a shady area.  Something that someone like yourself has been  puzzled about for quite some time.  Why is fresh content so important?  Is it a requirement for search engine like Google, Bing or even Yahoo?  For the sake of this blog post we’re not argue the fundamentals of a search engine or search engine robot.  Although what I am going to discuss is the importance of fresh content and tell you about several ways that you can maintain it.

The Importance Of Fresh Content

Content is king!  A statement that I couldn’t quite grasp for quite some time.  Particularly when I first got into the inbound marketing industry.  It’s a rather delicate matter that pertains largely to your brand.  As consumers we utilize the power of the internet to find information on a specific topic or subject.  It consists of millions of websites that serve as informational resources.  Users are far more demanding for information than ever before.  Staying constantly informed serves of great benefit for both business and personal endeavors.  Knowledge is power!  As a website owner it’s challenging yet competitive to stay in the game and provide the most relevant information to internet users.  How do you efficiently stay ahead of the curve?

3 Ways To Maintain Fresh Content

There are several strategies you can exercise to ensure that your brand maintains an up-to-date marketing message on the internet.  It does entail a proactive approach with the assistance of the following methods:

  1. Your Website – chances are there’s plenty of static content on your website.  In most cases the average website owner sees no specific reasons why it should be updated.  It all wraps back around to the consumer searching for products and services pertaining to your industry.  You surely don’t want them to stumble a service that’s no longer offered or a product that has been discontinued.  There’s nothing more frustrating to a consumer than outdated information.  If your website has static content, consider updating it accordingly at least once a month.
  2. Blogging – while this may be tied into your website, blogging an act as a standalone marketing strategy which yields tremendous potential.  The purpose of a blog serves as establishment of though leadership.  Not only that but it identifies you or your brand as an expert in a particular field.  Consistent blogging patterns will result in more exposure, interest and yes – delivery of fresh content.  If your website does not have a blog, consider having one added.
  3. Social Media – I can’t even begin to stress the importance of utilizing social media in marketing plan.  It’s considered to be perhaps the fastest way to communicate with new or existing customers that are interested in your brand.  New trends now typically emerge via social media and are crucial to the success of any brand.  Leveraging the potential of social avenues such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or YouTube may be one of the most intelligent decisions your company has made in a long time.  Social media is all about conversation and contribution.  Additionally it provides visibility for your brand and much-needed user-generated content that helps support your purpose on the web.

It’s all about content.  While usability and aesthetics are necessary for brand positioning, content overcomes just about anything.  Remaining proactive and consistent in ensuring that your website delivers plenty of fresh content will contribute towards more targeted traffic, exposure and higher ROI for your brand.