Farewell SEO Link Building Initiative – It Was Fun While It Lasted

There’s one common question I’ve been asked by clients during the last couple of years – What does our link building strategy entail in? Excellent question! A recent interaction with a client on SEO ended up refreshing my memory on link building especially considering their strong level of interest in such initiative. Well, I hate to be the barer of bad news but that particular tactic is sort of dead at this point. For legacy brands though SEO link building still remains a viable strategy. (more…)

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The Condensed SEO Optimization Checklist (Part 1)

Update: A whitepaper download will be available upon completion of Part 2.

Visibility in business is simply essential for success. Especially when it comes to SEO optimization and organic reach of potential customers in major search engines. How do you identify optimal visibility in search? What elements should you focus on to increase organic search penetration? What specific parameters do search engine robots pay close attention to when crawling pages of your website? (more…)

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Basic Link Building Tips for Spicing Up Your SEO

Building relationships online stills remains an integral element of SEO. For some, launching a campaign of such magnitude can be considered a daunting task. After all, we’re no experts at everything. If you’re fairly new to the SEO industry then getting started with link building can be a bit challenging. Here’s a few basic tips for targeted link building within your SEO campaign: (more…)

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Important SEO On-Page Factors to Consider in Setup or Optimization Process

SEO remains a critical component in the marketing mix for success online. If you’ve not jumped on the bandwagon just yet, well chances are your brand may be suffering and not utilizing untapped potential. SEO visibility helps put products and services at the fingertips of potential customers as they utilize search engines to scope out such information. Targeted search visibility stands of critical importance in establishment of brand awareness, trust, relationship building, and most importantly revenue generation. The sole focus of this particular blog post is to outline the importance of SEO on-page factors when it comes to setup or optimization of individual pages on your website. (more…)

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5 Tips for SEO Improvement in 2012


Since the rise of Google back in 2000 SEO has become a crucial element to any brand’s marketing plan.  More users are spending time on the internet in searching for various products, services, research or comparison shopping.  This presents a tremendous opportunity for any brand that’s seeking online visibility.  With over 75% search market share alone Google leads as the top dog in offering business owners the opportunity to get found by their target audience.  Reaching your target market though isn’t as easy as it may sound and will definitely require some serious elbow grease to get the results you’re looking for.  In 2011 alone we saw some dramatic changes to Google’s search algorithm which have made a drastic impact on SEO. (more…)

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[SEO] Importance Of Fresh Content & 3 Ways To Maintain It


When it comes to Search Engine Optimization it’s primarily about the delivery of fresh content.  To many business owners it still remains a shady area.  Something that someone like yourself has been  puzzled about for quite some time.  Why is fresh content so important?  Is it a requirement for search engine like Google, Bing or even Yahoo?  For the sake of this blog post we’re not argue the fundamentals of a search engine or search engine robot.  Although what I am going to discuss is the importance of fresh content and tell you about several ways that you can maintain it. (more…)

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Driving Targeted Traffic to Your Website

Website Targeted Traffic

Getting started on the web opens doors to new opportunities and the ability to connect with your target audience.  Your website is now visible in the virtual space and ready to take on the World.  That’s great!  Although in order to make the most of its money spent building and designing it probably lacks web traffic.  Just like any other new website that launches into the web yours too most likely remains undiscovered.  Nobody knows about it except your coworkers, friends, family, or other acquaintances.  That simply isn’t enough though to generate revenue for your business.


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5 SEO Tips You Should Know

5 SEO Tips

Planning your SEO strategy can be overwhelming especially if you’re just learning about Search Engine Optimization.  What are some things that you should do and not do?  How will you achieve the best possible organic visibility for your business?  There are several elements that need to come into place in order to achieve these results and drive targeted leads to your website.  Search Engine Optimization is a method of science that in most cases can take some time to perfect.  As you prepare to optimize your website for search engines keep in mind these few tips and strategies to help you get on the right path.


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SEO 101: Newcomers & Beginners [TIPS]

SEO 101: Education

Search Engine Optimization refers to a process of improving the organic visibility of your domain in major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing to name a few. A process that has been refined and perfected since the days of AltaVista being one of the top search engines in its days. The unique combination of elements that play significant roles in indexing content from your website within the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) are a part of a unique algorithmic formula that has been long tried to be manipulated. There are many SEO experts and internet marketing specialists that will claim they’ve mastered this formula and will assure you top rankings in major search engines which will yield targeted organic traffic to your domain.


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SEO Remains a Valuable Marketing Strategy

SEO Still a Marketing Strategy

SEO has truly come a long way since the days of Excite, Lycos, InfoSeek, & Alta Vista.  Those were the days that these particular search engines were regulating web searches and until before Yahoo and later Google came along to change this behavior forever.  Yes, we’re talking about the evolvement of Search Engine Optimization within the last 12 years – circa before the .com era.  Organic search and visibility still matters simply due to the fact that web users are constantly seeking massive amounts of information by utilizing top search engines such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing just to name a few.


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