It’s without a doubt of critical importance to utilize SEO as part of the marketing mix. Any brand failing to do so may be leaving cash on the table for others to grab. Consumers leverage search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo when in search of their favorite products, services, or even comparison shopping. Visibility plays an important role in establishment of brand awareness. Making SEO work for your brand though is not a bootstrap operation. Heck, I even advise potential clients against a DIY method especially if they have little to no understanding of SEO.

In some retrospect, SEO contains somewhat of a traditional marketing approach. Its focus on content, website architecture, interlinking, mobility play an intricate role. Particularly ensuring proper alignment with the four cornerstones of SEO – Accessibility, Indexibility, On-Page Optimization, Off-Page Optimization. Today’s competitive business world demands far more than eloquent SEO tactics for success. Enter social media!

Search + Social = Major Winning

To this day I chuckle heavily at wannabe SEO companies who completely dismiss the value of social media as part of a strategic search engine marketing strategy. It’s a borderline laughable matter. Let’s set that aside for now though. While Search Engine Optimization is heavily focused on content it’s most definitely beneficial in building a roadmap for your brand but that’s simply not enough. Brand identity, relationships, community building, and trust are almost critical determining factors for establishment of a cohesive online brand. According to latest round of stats, from an algorithmic perspective, social media accounts for nearly 30% of the 200+ signals Google particularly uses to rank a website. Consider birth of Google+ a coincidence perhaps? Probably not!

Development of a congruent social media strategy with your organization attributes largely to the evolvement of a stronger online footprint. Scalability always pulls a fast one on most brands struggling in establishment of their social entities.

Beneficial Aspects of Social Media

Relationship building is one of the oldest forms of business practice. That and word of mouth advertising of course. Social media amplifies traditional marketing methods by providing new avenues for expression and establishment of a brand voice. Those avenues are in the form of Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. While SEO provides accessibility to content and a virtual storefront for potential customers it’s simply not enough to hook them in. Social media networks provide brands with ability to tell your story, develop a brand voice, connect with potential customers on a personal level, and much more.

The Dynamic Duo

Pairing up Search Engine Optimization with an innovative social media strategy will only angle your competition. While SEO provides accessibility to your brand’s virtual entity the social media layer assists with ability to amplify potential of the content. Not all social media networks are feasible for every brand. Identifying the specific platforms where your target audience resides will put your brand that much closer to adhering to their needs faster.