5 Ways To Maximize Your Blog Posts Potential

Your Blog Posts

It seems like nowadays everyone has a blog on their website.  I’m actually quite happy to see that people are beginning to find the potential and opportunities when it comes to publishing content on the web.  I have come across some companies that are concerned about publishing proprietary information on the internet.  For the most part though I’ve definitely seen a significant boost in usage of WordPress in particular.  Is blogging for the sake of pushing content enough?  Are you being efficient with publishing content on the web? What strategies are you currently using to maximize your blog posts potential?


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Search Engines and Your Domain

Search Engines & Your Domain

Starting out with a new website and building it effectively can be a tedious process.  So many decisions to make and a solid plan that needs to take place in order for the entire piece to come together.  One of the first things that you should consider prior to thinking about building a new website is your primary domain.  It’s quite important that your website carries a user friendly domain and one that’s easily remembered by most users.  There are several tools out there on the website including DomainsBot that can help you perform research on a new domain using variations of keywords.  As I will explain later on in this post it’s quite important that you also consider having and Search Engine Friendly url to help with indexing, visibility, and crawlability in the eyes of a search engine robot.


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Creating Visibility of Your Domain on The Web

Link Building

Being a part of the Internet and the web in itself has become a big part for every business and entrepreneur these days.  A website mirrors the image of your company on the web and how others view it.  It’s also a primary tool for generating more business via qualified leads that are specifically interested in your products or services.  Creating visibility of your domain on the web can be a time consuming process especially for one that’s just getting started.  Although it’s a strategy and effort that has a long term payoff.


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Monitoring Your Brand on The Web

Your Brand On The Web

The internet is a powerful playground for both personal and business relations.  Others can talk about you or your business without your awareness and create negative press around your brand.  Business owners in particular of various industries should be primarily concerned when it comes to monitoring your brand on the web.  Bad feedback about your brand can create a sense of uncertainty with your customers in relation to your products or services that your business offers.  In today’s day and age social media remains the #1 communication channel where consumers go for comparison shopping, research, & networking with others.


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Has Google & Yahoo Seen Your Website Yet?


Your website has been online for several months now and you are curious to know if GoogleBOT and YahooBOT in particular are noticing you.  While some website owners are unaware of the importance of being found as a listing in a search engine, you should steer clear of their mentality and focus on the prize at hand.  Bottom line is that you may  have a fancy website or a website  although if the end user can not find it when performing searches in a search engine than it really does you no good.  Having a website or blog as a web presence is only the first step in getting noticed on the internet.  You need to make some noise with your new internet presence and get noticed.


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