Your Brand On The Web

The internet is a powerful playground for both personal and business relations.  Others can talk about you or your business without your awareness and create negative press around your brand.  Business owners in particular of various industries should be primarily concerned when it comes to monitoring your brand on the web.  Bad feedback about your brand can create a sense of uncertainty with your customers in relation to your products or services that your business offers.  In today’s day and age social media remains the #1 communication channel where consumers go for comparison shopping, research, & networking with others.

What Is a Brand?

A brand can be classified in a few different forms.  Some of which include a product, service, or business entity.  In the case of the business owner this concerns your company as a whole including its products and services that are being offered to consumers.  Other examples of a brand include a company logo, slogan, sign, trademark, or symbol.  Each brand on the web receives feedback from its consumers.  One way that internet users express their experience with a certain brand is by sharing their voice on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIN.  I won’t go into further detail of each platform for the purpose of this post.

Monitoring Your Brand on The Web

When it comes to your brand you should be concerned of the feedback that your customers are sharing with others.  Did they have a positive or negative experience while doing business with you or your company?  There are several ways that you can monitor and respond to positive or negative responses about your brand.

  • Social Media – utilize all major social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, & LinkedIN to listen in on the responses from your customers or potential prospects.  Be aware of what people are saying about your brand and act accordingly to avoid the negative press.
  • SERPs – another great way to ensure that your brand maintains its cool and continues to grow is my monitoring SERPs in major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing.  If others are discussing their experience with your products or services and referencing your brand name you’ll become aware of it.  Ensure that particular websites and pages don’t gain rankings for negative feedback in relation to your website.
  • Content – one of the best ways to ensure a positive influence on consumers with your brand is to deliver exclusive informative content.  Share with your customers or potential prospects by letting them know why they should choose you over the competition and how you can do it better than them.  You can use an application such as WordPress to manage your own business blog that will communicate with your users organically.
  • Web Traffic – last but not least you definitely want to know who’s browsing your website and the type of activity that they’re engaging in.  Monitor performance of top pages, trends, and patterns that may be occurring with your brand.  Identify any negative keywords that may be appearing in the SERPs and generating web traffic to your website.

Are you monitoring your brand?  How so?  Share your thoughts!