Your Blog Posts

It seems like nowadays everyone has a blog on their website.  I’m actually quite happy to see that people are beginning to find the potential and opportunities when it comes to publishing content on the web.  I have come across some companies that are concerned about publishing proprietary information on the internet.  For the most part though I’ve definitely seen a significant boost in usage of WordPress in particular.  Is blogging for the sake of pushing content enough?  Are you being efficient with publishing content on the web? What strategies are you currently using to maximize your blog posts potential?

When it comes to blogging on the web with your blog you should really focus on identifying the purpose behind it.  It may be that you have a great flow of content to publish to your readers although you’re simply not utilizing and making the most of your individual blog posts.  A primary purpose for publishing content on your blog is to help educate your audience on a subject or topic that they’re unfamiliar with.  Take full advantage of the fresh content that you’re pushing out to your blog and ensure that it’s properly optimized so that each post gains some organic visibility in the search engines.  That’s right!  Each one of your posts that you create on your blog will at some point be indexed within the SERPs and become accessible by other consumers.

5 Ways To Maximize Your Blog Posts

When you’re composing your individual blog posts focus on laying out the information in a freestyle.  This way you won’t be subconscious about any details that you may  have left out during the composition process.  Although once you have finished writing your individual blog post consider scanning thru it and optimizing it in such fashion.

  1. Keyword Research – prior to writing your blog post you’ve already identified the subject/topic that you’ll be writing your blog post on.  Now you can perform keyword research to identify top searched keyword terms within Google, Yahoo, or Bing that will generate some traffic to your posts.  There are various free keyword research tools out there available to your disposal such as WebCEO, WordTracker FREE Keywords, Keyword Discovery, and NicheBot just to name a few.  Here you can explore the various keywords available for identifying the primary keyword term for your blog post.
  2. Optimization – seed the primary and secondary keyword terms that you’ve selected during your keyword research within the body of your blog post.  Make sure that you provide anchor text that’s linked to secondary pages of your blog or other related websites that pertain to your topic.
  3. Headings – make sure that you fully utilize the potential of H1 and H3 tags within the body content area of your blog post.  For contextually based search engines such as Google this will provide plenty of information to identify the purpose of your blog post.
  4. Meta Data – each of your blog posts should consist of a Title Tag, Description Tag, and Keyword Tag that identifies the post itself.  Ensure that each is properly optimized to include your primary and secondary keyword terms.  While search engines such as Google do not take into high consideration such information others like Yahoo and Bing still evaluate such details pertaining to the Meta Data fields of each one of your posts.
  5. Call-To-Action – there’s a reason why you’re writing a blog post.  In most cases you’re interacting and engaging your audience therefore seeking some sort of action or input based on the information you have provided to them.  A Call-To-Action entails in the use of hyperlinked text that asks the user to take some sort of action.  These are highly encourage for each individual blog post on your website.

Taking full advantage of each one of your blog posts and maximizing their potential will help drive organic traffic to your blog/website.  It will also help establish you as an expert in a particular field, gain the trust of your readers, and create the proper organic visibility that you’ve been seeking.

Did you find this post informative?  Feel free to contact me if I can be of any further assistance.