Link Building

Being a part of the Internet and the web in itself has become a big part for every business and entrepreneur these days.  A website mirrors the image of your company on the web and how others view it.  It’s also a primary tool for generating more business via qualified leads that are specifically interested in your products or services.  Creating visibility of your domain on the web can be a time consuming process especially for one that’s just getting started.  Although it’s a strategy and effort that has a long term payoff.

Creating Visibility of Your Domain on The Web

Building your website is only the first step toward exposing your business or personal image online.  It honestly takes quite a bit more than that before the traffic starts flowing in, phones start ringing off the hook, and you’re stacking up the $20’s like Oprah Winfrey.  After your website goes online there are a few strategies that should be on your To Do List to implement in order to create visibility of your domain.  It’s great to have a website and perhaps one that you spent your entire savings account on although if nobody can find it on the internet it frankly doesn’t do you a whole lot of good.  One of the best ways to get noticed is to engage in link building for the primary domain of your website.  When I say “primary” I’m referring to the domain that you used to register or build your website on.  In most cases folks have trouble distinguishing between “primary” and “secondary”.

What is Link Building?

Link Building is part of the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) process which consists of ongoing activities and strategy implementation that helps improve the organic visibility of your website.  When engaged in a link building process the tasks include submission of your website’s domain to various paid and non-paid directories on the web related or unrelated to your industry.  Search engine robots such as (GoogleBOT, YahooBOT, & BingBOT) crawl these particular directories due to the fact that they have established authority by providing valuable information.  Search engines in most part are focused on delivering quality content from various websites on the web and these particular directories fall into that category.  With the inclusion of your website’s domain in such directories you’re creating visibility of your domain on the web and helping your website’s exposure in general.  These particular directories deliver value not only because search engine robots have decided that but rather due to the fact that visitors of these directories are finding the information to be of importance, quality, & relevance to their search.

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