Google AdWords: The Search Query Report hidden potential

Pay-Per-Click Marketing or also known as Search Engine Marketing (SEM) remains one of the most important marketing pieces that your business should be utilizing. Driving targeted traffic to your website will yield to more qualified leads and conversions. Google AdWords offers the most advanced PPC platform with the highest results and best buck for your money.  Just in case you are unfamiliar with this particular program & application feel free to browse around and find out more information on how Google AdWords can help your business.


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HowTo: Update your Joomla 1.5.x Installation

I’ve said it before and will say it again. Joomla is hands down the best Content Management System out there with the most flexibility for web development. In most cases new or intermediate users to Joomla think that the upgrade process of the CMS is a hassle. True! It’s a hassle if you don’t understand how to do it right or never done it before but definitely not impossible.  Also just a reminder to those that are just starting out with Joomla, please read thru the Introduction to Joomla documentation for your own sake.


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How to eliminate spam on your blog?

Akismet Plugin

Having a WordPress blog or “a” blog in general requires lots of maintenance and upkeep.  The continued contribution of content alone on regular basis needs dedication, time, and effort.  More content to you blog shows active status but can also gather the spam bots or spammers in general real quick.  Battling spam on your blog can be frustrating and cause alot of headache or unwanted content to show up on your blog.  Recently I had the opportunity to help a company out by showing them how to eliminate spam on their blog.


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Why choose Open Source Solutions (OSS)?

Open Source Solutions

In a World where web presence defines the existence of your business and competes with others Open Source Solutions (OSS) are a common web solution.  A variety of web applications such as Joomla, Drupal, Mambo, WordPress , Php Nuke are children of the Open Source Initiative.  Building professional websites with the help of OSS has been a common practice and strategy for many years.  These individual applications offer full on functionality that enhances and provides the ability to built professional websites.


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WordPress & Your iPhone

If you are one of the many iPhone owners such as myself then I’m sure that you are in full exploration mode for applications. I don’t blame you. The iPhone offers everything you need in a phone both for recreational and business use. As a constant commitment to my blog I have searched of ways to continue being active as much as possible. These days time is short and each day seems to have less hours to get more work done on top of what’s already on my plate.


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Moving Your WordPress Blog

Recently I was faced with a challenge involving the relocation of a WordPress blog. The task at hand involved the moving of a WordPress blog from one folder location to another in t atthe same web server. Given that I’ve used WordPress for a few years now and kindly consider myself an expert in the area I eagerly jumped into this with both feet in. Wrong! It did take me a bit to do some research and analysis to find out the best approach to this. I’m glad that I took the time to do this otherwise it may have taken alot longer to complete.


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Using jQuery to fancy up your website

In today’s competitive market every website owner that cares about their popularity on the web wants to ensure that their website is user friendly, easy to navigate, and presents content instantly to its users.  Using jQuery to fancy up your website can be one way that you choose to display individual content sections.  jQuery functionality is usually used in situations where a certain content section of a page needs to be displayed in a selective manner.  Before I go in deeper and show you how you can create a fancy accordion style drop-down effect on a page of your website let’s get into the basics of jQuery so you become a bit familiar with the process.


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Joomla meets WordPress: CMS & Blogging Made Easy

Joomla has been crowned as the World’s #1 Content Management System for the last couple of years in a row.  It is the one Open Source Solution that delivers the most functionality out of the box for building a professional web presence.  The best part is that it remains free to download and use under the GNU/GPL License Guidelines.  While Joomla 1.0 and 1.5 offer a blog feature post installation the default blog component has limited functionality and remains rarely used.  One particular feature that users have come across in demanding is an improved blog component for the Joomla Content Management System.


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Managing Your Joomla Files with Joomla Xplorer

Joomla Xplorer

Being introduced to the Joomla Content Management System application was probably one of the best things I’ve done since actively becoming involved in the web development World.  There is so much that you can do with this open source application that the possibilities are truly endless.  One of the things that I wanted to share in particular with my blog readers is to show you how you can manage your Jomla files internally.  If you struggle in learning how to use FTP (File transfer Protocol) and using applications that use this type of protocol then the Joomla Xplorer Component for Joomla is an ideal solution for you.


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Building with a Content Management System


Recently I have had the privilege of taking on a position that involves a lot of custom code programming.  A position where I see myself applying my knowledge and experience while growing mutually with a great company.  Some of my daily tasks include creative thinking and implementation of PHP, SQL, HTML, CSS, & JavaScript for various websites. I’m a huge fan of web development for many reasons and considering the chain of events thought that it’s a great opportunity for a new post on my blog.  The web development World is continuously evolving as new tools become available to developers and programmers in assisting them with building new web solutions.  Building with a Content Management System such as Joomla, Drupal, or WordPress can have a significant impact on your deliverable.


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