Your website has been online for several months now and you are curious to know if GoogleBOT and YahooBOT in particular are noticing you.  While some website owners are unaware of the importance of being found as a listing in a search engine, you should steer clear of their mentality and focus on the prize at hand.  Bottom line is that you may  have a fancy website or a website  although if the end user can not find it when performing searches in a search engine than it really does you no good.  Having a website or blog as a web presence is only the first step in getting noticed on the internet.  You need to make some noise with your new internet presence and get noticed.

There is a quick way to find out if Google or Yahoo has noticed your website and/or indexed any of  its pages.  This particular search for your website ties into some of the tips and tricks you can find in Google Webmaster Tools and Yahoo Site Explorer.  To find out if your website  has been indexed by Google follow these steps:

  1. Visit in your favorite browser.
  2. Type in the Search box.  Replace the web address with the website url that you are seeking to find information for.
  3. Take notice of the listings that appear below based on your search.

Finding out if your website has been indexed and what pages are visible to search engine users in Yahoo, follow the same steps as Google.

Have you been noticed?  Has Google or Yahoo seen your website’s main the secondary pages?