5 Tips for SEO Improvement in 2012


Since the rise of Google back in 2000 SEO has become a crucial element to any brand’s marketing plan.  More users are spending time on the internet in searching for various products, services, research or comparison shopping.  This presents a tremendous opportunity for any brand that’s seeking online visibility.  With over 75% search market share alone Google leads as the top dog in offering business owners the opportunity to get found by their target audience.  Reaching your target market though isn’t as easy as it may sound and will definitely require some serious elbow grease to get the results you’re looking for.  In 2011 alone we saw some dramatic changes to Google’s search algorithm which have made a drastic impact on SEO. (more…)

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[SEO] Importance Of Fresh Content & 3 Ways To Maintain It


When it comes to Search Engine Optimization it’s primarily about the delivery of fresh content.  To many business owners it still remains a shady area.  Something that someone like yourself has been  puzzled about for quite some time.  Why is fresh content so important?  Is it a requirement for search engine like Google, Bing or even Yahoo?  For the sake of this blog post we’re not argue the fundamentals of a search engine or search engine robot.  Although what I am going to discuss is the importance of fresh content and tell you about several ways that you can maintain it. (more…)

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Top Social Media Tools For Measurement & Success


Top Social Media Management ToolsSocial media has taken over the internet by storm.  From Facebook to Twitter to LinkedIn millions of users are engaging on daily basis with each other or their favorite brands.  You’ve heard about it, others have told you that there’s a need for it in your business, but quite frankly you don’t know how to approach social media efficiently.  Back by popular demand in search I decided to elaborate on the subject of top social media management tools.  Do not worry young grasshopper.  The force shall stay with you.  Unfortunately I won’t tell you how to push informative and engaging content.  That’s something that you’ll need to master on your own. (more…)

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Negativity In The Social Media Space

Real-time communication on the web has sophisticated quite a bit in the last several years.  Particularly the social media platforms that are now available for consumers to communicate with.  There’s Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn that gives internet users unlimited amount of untapped potential for creation of brand awareness and engagement with others.  With each social media platform come certain stipulations and best practices though in ensuring an adequate presence.  It’s like going back to kindergarden where you were thought about certain principles and manners.  The social media realm ties into basics quite a bit.  Practice what you’ve been taught. (more…)

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Social Media: Behaving in the Twittersphere [TIPS]

Inside The Twittersphere

Social Media can be a dangerous playground to play in if not utilized properly.  A quick reaction in the form of a tweet can put a cap over your brand and create a bad reputation.  The recent f-bomb slip on Chrysler’s Twitter account serves as the perfect example of how quickly things can go south of the border.  Some 7,500 followers got a good taste of the negative tweet that was sent out by then company then in charge of Chrysler’s social media activity on Twitter.  Immediately after this incident the company which caused the accidental slip was fired and an apology followed which read “…our account was compromised earlier today…”


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