Real-time communication on the web has sophisticated quite a bit in the last several years.  Particularly the social media platforms that are now available for consumers to communicate with.  There’s Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn that gives internet users unlimited amount of untapped potential for creation of brand awareness and engagement with others.  With each social media platform come certain stipulations and best practices though in ensuring an adequate presence.  It’s like going back to kindergarden where you were thought about certain principles and manners.  The social media realm ties into basics quite a bit.  Practice what you’ve been taught.

Negativity In The Social Media Space

It has now been several years since I first started using social media for personal and business reasons.  In the beginning everything was new and foreign.  Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn quite frankly gave me a headache to be honest.  None of it made sense to me.  Although with an increased amount of interest in social media I decided to make it a priority for myself and learn how each platform can be leveraged better.  After a few swerves and wrong turns it had started to become more clear.  The negativity in the social media space simply doesn’t fly regardless of any situation or brand appeal that you may have.

How To Behave on Twitter Without Negativity

When I first signed up for Twitter back in early 2009 quite frankly it was all nonsense to me.  Where’s the business potential of this real-time communication platform?  It definitely took me some time on the ropes to get a firm understanding of this particular social media platform.  One of the most important things that I learned was that negativity on Twitter doesn’t work.  Angry conversations and foul language will only lead to smearing of your brand’s reputation.  While it may create a controversy that will engage with other users for the most part tweeps will become more judgemental about your brand.  Behave and upkeep professional courtesy.  Express your humorous side without any name calling or negative messaging.  Twitter is all about targeted messaging and real-time communication.  Being personable and professional will take you a long way.

Keeping Your Cool on Faceebook Without Being Negative

Well at this point just about everyone, their friends and family have a Facebook account.  For many it’s used for personal reasons.  Others attempt to leverage Facebook social media for business purposes.  There’s a mentality behind each and standards that should be followed in order to avoid fallouts.  Having a presence on this social media platform is slightly different than Twitter and LinkedIn.  How so?  Every social media platform has a different yet interconnected audience.  In this instance you’re surrounded by some 800 million users.  How do you behave?  Negativity in the social media space simply isn’t recommended unless you’re looking to quickly wipe yourself off the radar.  Same applies for Facebook.  Be personable and friendly with others as you navigate thru the different sections of the social media platform.  Engage in consistent activity of pushing out valuable content to your friends and readers.  This type of behavior will contribute towards establishment of knowledge and authority in a given area.

Maintaining Professionalism On LinkedIn

Out of all the social media networks out there this one was by far the hardest to decypher.  Quite frankly for the longest time I was unable to make use of LinkedIn for various reasons.  In the end after some proactive involvement and digging around the light bulb flipped on one day.  LinkedIn is a business networking platform aimed towards professionals and companies.  It provides an unlimited amount of resources and opportunities for generation of targeted leads.  In other words, there’s no room for horseplay here or childish behavior.  Although if I have to be honest with you there are far too many groups still on LinkedIn that upkeep such foul behavior.  A ton of users simply do not realize the negative impact that such conversations can have on their image.  If there’s one social media platform out there you should strongly care for it’s LinkedIn.  Negativity simply doesn’t fly here no matter who are.  Maintaining professional courtesy and engaging in intelligent conversations serves of the utmost importance.  Bashing other brands with uncalled for comments or conversations can simply degrade the value of your own brand.

Negativity in the social media space simply doesn’t fly regardless of who you are.  Small to medium size businesses need to realize that social media offers  untapped potential for increase of brand awareness.  Personality and behavior counts for a huge portion.  Engage and monitor accordingly without foul language or horseplay.