Top Social Media Tools For Measurement & Success


Top Social Media Management ToolsSocial media has taken over the internet by storm.  From Facebook to Twitter to LinkedIn millions of users are engaging on daily basis with each other or their favorite brands.  You’ve heard about it, others have told you that there’s a need for it in your business, but quite frankly you don’t know how to approach social media efficiently.  Back by popular demand in search I decided to elaborate on the subject of top social media management tools.  Do not worry young grasshopper.  The force shall stay with you.  Unfortunately I won’t tell you how to push informative and engaging content.  That’s something that you’ll need to master on your own. (more…)

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Top Social Media Management Tools for Your iPhone


iPhone Social Media

Social media may be a business tool or avenue for some but if you’re like me then it’s a lifestyle really.  One of the main reasons that I bought my iPhone was because of its capabilities and how it would fit within my lifestyle and business model for that matter.  The fact that there are over 300,000 apps in the iTunes Store with some of the most popular available on the market was important for me when I was looking at getting my iPhone.  I’m a geek, flat out who is constantly connected to the web and likes to stay on top of news and social media conversations.  So if you’re as crazy about your iPhone and social media hand-in-hand then you’ll probably find this article valuable.


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Staying Geographically Connected – FourSquare


To many titled as the ‘stalker application’ but to others a great tool for connecting and marketing. Your mobile phone can be quickly turned into a GPS locator and keep you geographically connected via FourSquare with friends, family, favorite places, & more.  If you aren’t familiar with this particular online tool than you’re not a social media person most likely.  That’s OK!  I forgive you this one time but get with the program (j/k).  FourSquare offers numerous opportunities both for personal and business reasons and here’s why.


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