5 Internet Marketing Strategies You Shouldn’t Ignore


Innovative marketing on the internet today presents a competitive challenge even for some of the most talented marketing gurus.  One thing remains true though – the web serves as a predominant playground that yields tremendous amount of business potential.  If utilized efficiently it can provide higher ROI than most of your traditional marketing efforts that you may be currently involved in or have attempted in the past.  With over 121 million searches performed in Google on daily basis, proper execution of effective internet marketing strategies will help your brand acquire targeted traffic and leads.


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Negativity In The Social Media Space

Real-time communication on the web has sophisticated quite a bit in the last several years.  Particularly the social media platforms that are now available for consumers to communicate with.  There’s Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn that gives internet users unlimited amount of untapped potential for creation of brand awareness and engagement with others.  With each social media platform come certain stipulations and best practices though in ensuring an adequate presence.  It’s like going back to kindergarden where you were thought about certain principles and manners.  The social media realm ties into basics quite a bit.  Practice what you’ve been taught. (more…)

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Social Media: Behaving in the Twittersphere [TIPS]

Inside The Twittersphere

Social Media can be a dangerous playground to play in if not utilized properly.  A quick reaction in the form of a tweet can put a cap over your brand and create a bad reputation.  The recent f-bomb slip on Chrysler’s Twitter account serves as the perfect example of how quickly things can go south of the border.  Some 7,500 followers got a good taste of the negative tweet that was sent out by then company then in charge of Chrysler’s social media activity on Twitter.  Immediately after this incident the company which caused the accidental slip was fired and an apology followed which read “…our account was compromised earlier today…”


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