Akismet Plugin

Having a WordPress blog or “a” blog in general requires lots of maintenance and upkeep.  The continued contribution of content alone on regular basis needs dedication, time, and effort.  More content to you blog shows active status but can also gather the spam bots or spammers in general real quick.  Battling spam on your blog can be frustrating and cause alot of headache or unwanted content to show up on your blog.  Recently I had the opportunity to help a company out by showing them how to eliminate spam on their blog.

WordPress is the World’s #1 blogging application and used by millions around the planet.  When seeking information on how to eliminate spam on your blog you should perhaps consider the Akismet Plugin for WordPress. It’s the one plugin that every WordPress blogger should have installed on their blog if they are serious about controlling spam.  If you’re the dying need of being flooded with exclusive offers on fake purses, shoes, jewelry, or porn then be my guest and take the red pill on this one.  Otherwise for the sake of your headaches, your blog, and your visitors install the plugin and call it a done deal 🙂

Akismet can help eliminate spam on your WordPress blog and up to 20 other most popular web applications.  You can find the full list of applications that Akismet works on the official website.

Installing Akismet on your WordPress Blog

Here are a few short steps on how to quickly and efficiently install the Akistmet Plugin for WordPress on your blog.

  1. Download the latest copy of Akismet Plugin for WordPress.
  2. Install the plugin.  Select “Plugins – Add New” on the left-hand side column while logged in to the administration area of WordPress.
  3. Select the file you downloaded from the location you saved it to and “Install”.
  4. That’s it.  Check the “Configuration” settings if you need to ensure that everything works well.

If you get stuck somewhere feel free to contact me.   My secretary tends to be  a little slow so please excuse the delay 🙂

Hope this helps!