Joomla has been crowned as the World’s #1 Content Management System for the last couple of years in a row.  It is the one Open Source Solution that delivers the most functionality out of the box for building a professional web presence.  The best part is that it remains free to download and use under the GNU/GPL License Guidelines.  While Joomla 1.0 and 1.5 offer a blog feature post installation the default blog component has limited functionality and remains rarely used.  One particular feature that users have come across in demanding is an improved blog component for the Joomla Content Management System.

Joomla meets WordPress

As awkward as that may sound it has become quite possible to do.  WordPress is the World’s #1 blog application that is also free and remains an Open Source Solution.  In comparison to the Joomla Content Management System, WordPress includes extended functionality when it comes to personal or commercial blogging.  Many users have wondered for some time if an option to integrate WordPress within Joomla would ever be possible.  For some time now the corePHP Joomla Web Development Team has been providing such a solution.  One that indeed enables you to integrate WordPress within your existing Joomla Content Management System.

A great companion for your website should be a blog.  One that’s built on and functional via the WordPress Open Source application.  If you have chosen Joomla as the content management solution of choice to build your website on then you can also take the advantage of attaching a WordPress blog to it.

Joomla meets WordPress: CMS & Blogging Made Easy – see Joomla & WordPress in action together side by side.