If you are one of the many iPhone owners such as myself then I’m sure that you are in full exploration mode for applications. I don’t blame you. The iPhone offers everything you need in a phone both for recreational and business use. As a constant commitment to my blog I have searched of ways to continue being active as much as possible. These days time is short and each day seems to have less hours to get more work done on top of what’s already on my plate.

So I had to find an alternative in continuing to contribute to my blog. The WordPress Application for the iPhone offers mobile access to your blog. It’s a great way to remain connected with your blog and ensure that you are upkeeping the flow of fresh content. You can get your free copy of this application from the app store on your iPhone. Simply search for the term “WordPress” and then follow the search query results.

You never know when it’s a good time for a WordPress post (someone I worked with told me this).  Just in case you happen to come up with a random post in an awkward time and place the WordPress Application for iPhone can ensure that you get your thoughts down just right.

Get your FREE copy of WordPress Application for iPhone