Ep 005 | Changing The Fitness/Active Space with John Mallott | 01.30.2023

John Mallott is the CEO of O’Snap Active Lifestyle which was founded in 2020 by himself and his wife Najlah Mallott. An all-in-one complete nutritional enhancement program designed from the ground up to give your body the support it needs to live a healthy active lifestyle. They identified 4 core pillars to ultimate performance…a perfect night’s sleep, unlimited energy on demand, complete daily superfood nutrition, and immunity supporting DNA repair.


Ep 004 | Slinging The Hammer To Business Success with Eric Oberembt | 01.23.2023

Eric is the CEO of D&M Roofing and Siding in Omaha, NE. He is the co-founder of the non profit "Roofers in Recovery" sending people in addiction to treatment centers to get the help they need. He is the author of two books about residential and commercial roofing. He is a coach at the "Commercial Roofing Academy'' and Co-founder of the National Vendor Network "Advanced Roofing Technologies". Lastly, the Podcast host of "Be Authentic or GTFO and Keynote Speaker. Eric has spoken at D2DCon, SRC Summit, and as a Mainstage Keynote at Roofcon. Eric is passionate about finding ways to help others make sure they have the opportunity to become the person they were supposed to be.


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