Ep 011 | Must VS Want with Ivan Temelkov | 03.27.2023

04/03/2023 · 3 min read

Going from a failed suicide attempt to manifesting interviews with Oprah, Kim Kardashian, and Cindy Crawford, Lamont is devoted to showing anyone, no matter what circumstances they find themselves in, that they have the power to create the life of their dreams.
Despite enduring years fraught with abandonment and physical and emotional abuse, Lamont is a resilient chameleon who has reinvented herself several times as an entrepreneur, spiritual life coach, and motivational speaker.
A first-generation Columbian-American born in Dallas, Texas, Lamont learned about the power of using her mind when she started her first company at 8-years-old. After turning a profit, she realized there were no limits to what she could accomplish when she set her mind to it. But tragedy struck when her mother passed away from undifferentiated lymphoma cancer. At 11 years old, Lamont’s father drove her to Waco, Texas, where she was placed in an orphanage and became a ward of the state. She remained there for six years until she left to attend Arizona State University.
Lamont started her second business after losing her beloved dog, Nixon, who was killed by a car. About a month after his death, Lamont had a dream. In it, she saw Nixon as a waiter serving other dogs at a restaurant named after him. The vision left her with an inkling to create a venture with dog treats. Starting with $250, she spent five years waiting tables and rolling frozen Domino’s pizza dough until she opened the pet retail store, Foxy Paws. The business would go on to expand into a million-dollar operation with four stores and over 40 employees.

key lessons from this episode

  • The amygdila is the thing behind our ears that triggers a lot of things we are incoherent about
  • People who seek magic, the magic in you will make that magic
  • You have to be a vibrational match for the universe in order to spread the wealth around
  • People idolize money when in fact it’s simply a tool like oxygen and water
  • Everything can’t be just about you, you have to want others to be successful as well
  • What you see in the entrepreneurial space isn’t necessarily what’s happening
  • Instead of wanting more money, see how you can serve people more authentically 
  • Tell yourself the story that you want to truly believe and one day live
  • The most important moments of your life are usually the first 3 minutes

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  • Michelle J Lamont | https://www.linktr.ee/michellejlamont 



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