Ep 009 | Surviving Narcissism, Healing, & Building Multi-Million Dollar Businesses with Dr. Tracy Kemble | 03.20.2023

03/20/2023 · 4 min read

Dr. Tracy knows from where she speaks. Just out of college and on her way to a successful broadcasting career, she got derailed when she met a true wolf in sheep’s clothing. In true love-bombing and narcissistic conditioning style, he convinced her she was the “one and only” for him. Lured by feeling loved, wanted and needed, she married him, unaware that he carried his own childhood abuse damage into the marriage.

Here’s a snapshot of what came next: (From her book The Courage to Say No More)

  • Years of mental torture of living with a rage-o-holic.
  • Tens and thousands of dollars of credit card abuse and gambling debt.
  • Affair(s).
  • Sexual betrayal and abuse.
  • In-law family chaos with Irish mafia, fires, jail time, guns, knives and abuse.
  • Years of mind manipulation that took years of therapy to reprogram.
  • And finally, having to run for her life and go into hiding to survive.

The marriage lasted 5 years, and as she recounts: I watched myself go from a young woman who felt that I had the world at my feet, to what felt like an old woman being dragged around the world by my feet. I was emotionally beat-up and bruised. I was dazed and confused. And yet, I had no idea what happened to me, or how to undo the trauma wound I became.

The worst of my pain however was the fog and lack of clarity on how to heal. The abuse I suffered through was narcissistic mental and emotional abuse, which at the time there was not sufficient healing paths available.This made my recovery long and hard with a lot of expensive therapy, boot strapping, shame, and grasps at finding the answer to “What happened to me?”

When I finally made it through my recovery and I was able to reclaim my life, I committed to myself that I would not let another woman suffer as I did.” And Dr. Tracy has kept that promise! The author of five books she has evolved to become a worldwide leader of women’s empowerment, honored and praised for her who work instilling in women the self-love, skills and confidence to thrive.

Today her Reclaiming Me program has been taught in 5 countries around the world. For the past 25 years, within the domestic USA, from West Coast to East Coast, there are currently two online live workshops a week where women from all walks of life attend to heal. She an award winning entrepreneur, the founder of The International Feminine Boss Society and Academy – an online and in-person learning center where she and her team teach women entrepreneurs how to “Become the Boss of Their Be and Business” with Feminine Energy. (Learn more at www.drtracy.tv.)

key lessons from this episode

  • There are so many ghosts of narcissism.
  • Narcissism comes in different trauma forms and it actually shrinks the brain to those who are narcissists.
  • Variety of emotions are the repercussions of narcissism.
  • Every relationship has its trauma.
  • Entrepreneurs, new ones specifically do not realize that it’s about individual impact.
  • Strong rules are necessary in every relationship, personal and professional.
  • Self-love is the most important thing anyone can do to help themselves sustain.
  • Narcissism is actually a pandemic in itself.

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