[HOW-TO] Seamless Migration of WordPress from HTTP to HTTPS (SSL)

Being a search guy, I’m always making every effort to remain relevant. Especially when it comes to my website. Back in August 2014, Google made an announcement regarding HTTPS protocol as ranking signal. Naturally, I’m always fashionable late and finally realized that it was time to migrate accordingly. WordPress has to be one of the easiest CMS options available for migration from HTTP to HTTPS as long as you’re versed in it. (more…)

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Create a Contact Form in 10 minutes Inside WordPress

If you’re a blogger chances are WordPress steers your domain to provide a communication bridge between you and your audience.  Perhaps a top choice for blogging today considering its core functionality and capabilities.  No wonder approximately 10% of all websites on the internet are built using the WordPress content management system.  Its robust platform provides an easy-to-use administration, frontend usability, and most of all industry leading SEO visibility for indexing in the SERPs.  Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned WordPress user there’s much untapped potential that this open source platform has in storage.


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WordPress Custom Page Templates: Spice Up Your Look

The web has globalized us all by giving us the tools to communicate with our target audience.  Blogging in particular offers untapped potential for reaching and communicating with new prospects.  WordPress provides a platform to leverage the full potential of blogging.  As of recent statistics over 10% of websites on the internet are being operated via WordPress.  Some of these include Mashable, TechCrunch, & Gizmodo just to name a few.  This blogging application comes equipped with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) capabilities, easy administration at your fingertips, and point-and-click theming.  In most cases that’s all you really need to build a simple yet efficient blog website.


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[HOWTO] Add Google +1 Button to Your WordPress Website

Google +1 Button
Google +1 Button

The Google +1 button has become a top content sharing plugin companion for any blog or website.  It’s equivalent to the Twitter Tweet or Facebook Share buttons but slightly more diverse.   Since its public launch it has gained some traction and quickly become a top addition for any website.  Based on a recent article posted by Mashable Google’s +1 button is now more widespread than Twitter’s Tweet button.


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Generating Revenue from Your Blog

Revenue From Your Blog

Having your own blog simply isn’t enough nowadays.  Alot of entrepreneurs and businesses struggle to find their happy place on the web with their blog.  Optimizing your blog can be a difficult process especially if you’re new to blogging or even so a first-time user of such application.  Generating revenue from your blog can occur in various ways.  One of them that most use nowadays is in the form of content marketing or banner advertising just to mention a couple.  Feel free to contact my friend Russ Henneberry for more information on content marketing if that’s an option that you’re familiar with.  Banner advertising on your blog can be implemented and configured on your own blog in a few short steps which I’m going to show you how to accomplish in this post.


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Add a Lightbox Modal Dialog To Your WordPress Blog

WordPress LightBox Installation
WordPress LightBox Installation

Greetings to all “geeks” alike across the Globe reading this post at this very minute. Recently I stumbled upon a really cool feature effect that seems to be heating up the search index in Google and wanted to share the wealth with all others. The Modal Dialog Box has peaked some interest and heavy attention over the course of the last couple of years. Due to its simplicity and elegance it makes an essential addition to just about any website. Obviously WordPress is no exception to that and I’m here to show you how you can install, configure, & use a modal dialog box for your images or anything else for that matter on your WordPress Blog.


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