If you’re a blogger chances are WordPress steers your domain to provide a communication bridge between you and your audience.  Perhaps a top choice for blogging today considering its core functionality and capabilities.  No wonder approximately 10% of all websites on the internet are built using the WordPress content management system.  Its robust platform provides an easy-to-use administration, frontend usability, and most of all industry leading SEO visibility for indexing in the SERPs.  Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned WordPress user there’s much untapped potential that this open source platform has in storage.

One of the most crucial elements that every WordPress site should have consists of a properly built conversion form.  Regardless of its purpose every site should have a contact form that your visitors can use to contact you about products or services offered.  Generally speaking creating such an element can present a technical barrier for most WP users.  Now on the other hand if you’re a developer/programmer or someone that’s versed with usage of HTML, CSS, PHP, and WP plugins then this should be a walk in the park for you.  Regardless of the technical experience level you’re on creating a contact form in 10 minutes inside WordPress will be perhaps one of the easiest things that you’ll ever perform on your blog.

How Do I Create a Contact Form in 10 Minutes Inside WordPress?

I thought you’d never ask that question.  Without further ado let’s get on with the technical madness.  Prior to getting down ‘n dirty ensure that you have a couple of different tabs open in your browser.  One for the backend administration panel and the other for the front end view of your blog.  Select the choice of your browser accordingly based on your personal preference.

In this tutorial we’ll be utilizing the Contact Form 7 plugin for WordPress.  One of many add-ons  for the blogging platform that offers simple to use elements for creation of diverse contact forms that can be included on any page or blog post of your website.

  1. Open the tab for the administration panel of your site in your browser which should be located at http://www.yourdomain.com/wp-admin and then log in with your administrator account.
  2. Under the Plugins box on the left-side panel click on Add New.  On the following screen inside the Search box type in Contact Form 7.  Click on Install Now below the very first search result to initiate the plugin installation followed by Activate Plugin when prompted.  The developers name is Takayuki Miyoshi in case you’re wondering whether or not you chose the right add-on.
  3. Check to ensure that the plugin has not caused any disruptions to your site by visiting the front end portion of your blog.  If everything looks same you’re good to go.  Switch to the administration panel of your WP site and select the Contact option from the left-side panel.  You’ll be taken to the settings page for your contact forms ran by Contact Form 7.  By default you will be directed to a pre-made contact form page which is ready to be used should you choose to do so.
  4. Implementing the pre-made form into a page, blog post, or text widget is quite simple.  Use the shortcode provided and paste it inside the WYSIWYG editor section of your page/blog post or text widget in your sidebar area.  It’s that simple!
  5. Creating a new form can be accomplished with an easy as well.  Start with creating a new form from the Contact Form 7 panel following by generating the desired tags for functionality using the drop-down menu box.  That’s it!

Contact Form 7 handles an unlimited number of forms giving you complete control and access to each.  The embedding process of your forms onto a page, post, or text widget takes only a few seconds.  Rest assured that you won’t encounter any problems with branded footers or logos appearing on the frontend of your blog.  This slick and fast compiling plugin will assist with the creation of unique contact forms in just matter of minutes.  Even though I’ve crossed and used various other plugins for form creation Contact Form 7 remains one of the most powerful add-ons that I would highly recommend to anyone using WordPress.