To many titled as the ‘stalker application’ but to others a great tool for connecting and marketing. Your mobile phone can be quickly turned into a GPS locator and keep you geographically connected via FourSquare with friends, family, favorite places, & more.  If you aren’t familiar with this particular online tool than you’re not a social media person most likely.  That’s OK!  I forgive you this one time but get with the program (j/k).  FourSquare offers numerous opportunities both for personal and business reasons and here’s why.

FourSquare & You

The usage of the FourSquare website has increased tremendously since the official launch of Google Places for Facebook.  It enables its users to specify a geographical location of their current state and communicate that on a Global level.  Imagine the exposure and possibilities.  Using the FourSquare tool for personal reasons is quite easy.  One of the first things that you’ll want to do is find out if your mobile phone is compatible.  You can do this by visiting the official website of FourSquare and checking out the applications.  Before you can begin exploring an account registration process is required for you to complete so that you can establish your official presence.  The general purpose of this particular tool is to communicate with friends, family, & business acquaintances on the go.  Specify your current location by updating your physical standing.  Whether you’re having lunch at your favorite restaurant, a quick stop at the grocery store, or simply out to the movies you can take full advantage of all the features that this particular tool offers.

Your Privacy vs FourSquare – Game On!

Now I did mention above that some see this particular web application as a ‘stalking device’ when used in a bad way.  That’s not necessarily true unless you’re extremely concerned about your privacy and have trouble opening yourself up to the World.  FourSquare was designed to connect with your acquaintances as well via Facebook and Twitter.  A few of the options available on your mobile and online are to import your address book, connect to Facebook, & Twitter.  The application will pull data from your profiles and notify you if your acquaintances are using this particular tool.

Again for those that are extremely paranoid about their privacy……..DO NOT USE FOURSQUARE!  It’s that simple!

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