The Yahoo|Bing Ads Network platform has come a long way since inception. I’m a firm believer that in due time functionalities and capabilities will expand further allowing advertisers and marketers with ability to maximize their campaigns potential. As a marketer and an OS X user, a recent challenge with compatibility of the Bing Ads Editor sent me scrambling to the Twitterwebz in search for answers. Social media and particularly Twitter is a platform I’ve leveraged proacively since 2009 for a variety of business and personal reasons. 

Admittedly, I love my MacBook Pro. Not as much as I love my wife though, for the record in case she ends up reading this article. Babe, I love you with all of my heart. Investing into an Apple product such as this laptop was probably one of the best investments I’ve made in a long time. One that contributed to improved work efficiency and productivity. However, OS X unfortunately isn’t the most compliant platform especially when working with a Microsoft product such as Bing Ads Editor. Recently, I was working on a client’s account and being a Mac user suddenly found the need for using Bing Ads Editor on Mac OSX. After several searches on the web I discovered that apparently I wasn’t the only one facing such dilemma.

Ask and You Shall Receive

Given the fact that Twitter was an essential component of my daily life, I decided to turn to it for answers. Quite typical for me when faced with a dilemma. After performing a search on Twitter, I happened to find @MJDePalma, the Senior Global Marketing Manager for Bing Advertising. So, I decided to put my Twitter skills to the test and fired off a tweet.

Well, apparently that action caught the MJ’s attention. Not that I’m surprised by the fact that a response was provided back but rather of the notion taken by a Senior specialist at Bing. It’s not that common when a person of such rank will even take the time to respond to Twitter inquiries. And so the conversation took its course.

While I’m not a heavy user of the Bing Ads Editor tool at the moment, it would be extremely helpful and beneficial to offer a version compatible with Mac OS X. I’m truly impressed by the response and professional courtesy offered by a high ranking individual at Bing. You’ve definitely earned a spot in my book.

Image Courtesy: Bing Images