Pay Per Click Advertising
Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-Per-Click Advertising offers an avenue for driving targeted traffic to your website.  A vehicle designed to reach your target audience in an effort to promote your products or services.  Newly launched websites can take great advantage of such platform not only to target a specific audience but also reach qualified visitors.  There are a couple of different PPC platforms that you can use.  One particular online marketing platform that I prefer to use is Google AdWords.  With over 65% market share in search it’s not rocket science to understand why I choose to utilize it the most.

More Traffic From Your PPC Campaign

Upon creation of your first Google AdWords account there will be several steps that need to be taken in order to setup your campaigns properly.  One of them consists of thorough keyword research for identification of specific terms on which you want to bid on.  These are typically focuses around your products or services being exposed.  Next you will engage in creation of your ad copy for your ads that will be displayed to online searches looking for your products or services.  Given that you’re created a new account with Google AdWords the system will factor in and will require some creative strategizing.  When creating your individual campaigns within your account there will be optional settings prompting you to choose which network you’d like to have visibility on.

The two types of networks that Google AdWords offers to advertisers:

  1. Search Network – focused primarily on the online searchers who are performing various search queries around your products or services.  The Google Search Network will display relevant ads from your campaigns based upon the query term entered in the search box by a user.  Campaigns created in the Google AdWords platform are automatically eligible for search and displayed in the sponsored links section of Search Engine Result Pages.  It’s important that you carefully select the right keyword terms which identify your products or services to ensure proper visibility and better contextual targeting.
  2. Display Network – consists of partner websites that have opted to display advertiser’s ads from Google.  Some example websites that are part of the Google AdWords Display Network include YouTUBE and other sites which choose to display ads from the Google Network either within content areas or designated ad sections.  Here you can find more details and information about the Google Display Network.

In most cases upon launch of your campaigns you will struggle in spending and accumulation of qualified clicks.  There’s a reason for that commonly experienced with new Google AdWords accounts.  A good way to jumpstart activity and get your account spending is to turn on the Google Display Network where you can generate additional traffic from partner websites.  It’s been known for new accounts to generate lots of unqualified clicks due to the fact that your account remains new and has not established any historical performance.  Optimization and management will be required severely to ensure that your campaigns gain some traction.

A quick suggestion and tip that will ensure good health of your account consists of proactive monitoring of your campaigns.  The Google Display Network can generate lots of clicks rather quickly but it’ll be up to you to optimize it further and ensure that it does not deplete your budget completely.