My 2020 Rule!

THE END! Mission Accomplished. As we wrap up another year, I wanted to share with you some things that happened this year. 2020 is going to be the best year yet and here's how. Read on for more details!

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A Fresh Perspective On Modern Sales To Grow Your Business

A lot of modern businesses fail to embrace the new way of selling. Personally, I call it relationship building which really isn't a new definition of sales anyway. Your business is suffering because you're still selling like it's 1995.

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WordPress 3.7 “Basie” Now In Flight – Upgrade Accordingly

Over the last few years the ever popular Open Source Solution WordPress seems to have gained significant traction in the stratosphere. Based on latest round of statistics nearly 15% of all websites on the internet are operational thru WordPress. Quite amazing honestly considering the niche it started out as many years ago. As part of its evolution, the application continues to improve with addition of new features giving users the ability additional control, flexibility, and improved functionality. For those surrounded by the application a version update means another round of upgrades (or headaches, depending on how you look at it). (more…)

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Some People Never Cease to Amuse Me

Recently I experienced something that was quite disturbing to me.  An event that took place in my very presence which has left me doubtful and skeptical of what people are capable of acting upon.  Now, just to set the record straight first anyone who knows me personally will vouch in saying that I’m not the type of individual who will bash or badmouth anyone, period – family being an exception.  Although after witnessing an event with my very own eyes, I’ve now become extremely cautious of individuals that will cross my path in the future. (more…)

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Gobble, Gobble – Happy Thanksgiving!

The holidays are one of my most favorite times of the year.  I’d be lying if I said that they didn’t bring me pure joy and happiness regardless of the things happening in my Life.  Seems like this year’s Thanksgiving sneaked up on me on though.  Quite honestly it seemed liked yesterday was the beginning of 2011.  Now here we are with November nearly behind us and soon in a little over a month a new year will be upon us.  A lot of things have happened this year both in my personal and business lives.  It has been an eventful year to say the least really.  One that I haven’t seen with so many change-ups in some time.  Although as we near the closing of yet another year i’m quite thankful and appreciative of several things. (more…)

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