Recently I experienced something that was quite disturbing to me.  An event that took place in my very presence which has left me doubtful and skeptical of what people are capable of acting upon.  Now, just to set the record straight first anyone who knows me personally will vouch in saying that I’m not the type of individual who will bash or badmouth anyone, period – family being an exception.  Although after witnessing an event with my very own eyes, I’ve now become extremely cautious of individuals that will cross my path in the future.

It was a rather rainy and gloomy day outside.  I live in a condominium townhome complex and fortunate enough to have a corner unit.  There’s a specific reason for that – one neighbor parting you and the outside.  The front window that’s located in my living room looks out to a courtyard and then directly across from it stands another building.  On both sides of the courtyard pathway are small yards with a large tree that’s directly in front of my living room window.   It’s actually quite the view especially when sitting on my couch which is where I was.  What was about to take place in the upcoming 10 minutes simply left me speechless.

Decency & Courtesy are Commonly Disrespected

A gentleman came around the corner of my building and I noticed him while sitting on my couch and looking out the window.  Keep in mind that it was wet outside (not raining) and the shades of my blinds were slightly dimmed with a perfect hidden view on the outside.  As the gentleman came to a stop I noticed that it was a neighbor from the unit across the courtyard.  On several instances there were short conversations I had with him with no indication whatsoever regarding what he was about to do.  After stopping for a minute he picked up something from the ground.  It appeared to be a letter or some sort of an envelope from what I could see, while sitting on my couch.  By the tilt of his hat that he was wearing I noticed that his eyesight was directed towards my unit.  He was more or less looking straight at my bay window.  It appeared as if he was attempting to cross-reference the number of the address that was listed on the envelope.  After glancing at it for about five seconds, he dropped the envelope on the ground.

Oh, It Gets Better – Here Comes the Punch!

Approximately five minutes after this whole fiasco took place another neighbor of mine happened to come around the block as she was walking her dog.  She came to a halt and noticed the envelope as well.  Picked it up and was starring at it for a couple of seconds.  What happened next, really surprised me – for good!  She continued to carry the envelope by walking it up the steps leading into my unit.  Then placed the envelope in front of my screen door right before continuing to walk her dog.

I’m extremely thankful to her kind gesture and plan to repay my gratitude the next time she comes around.  It wasn’t her duty to show some common courtesy and decency by ensuring that the correspondence was delivered to me accordingly.  Instead she took a small initiative that separates her from my other next door neighbor whose preposterous behavior clearly displayed an act of carelessness.

The Lesson

Don’t be like my next door neighbor.  Common decency and courtesy can go a long way especially if people are paying attention to your actions.  While some may be unappreciative of such doings there are plenty of other folks on this Earth that have the kindness and warmth in their hearts to be the bigger person.