Over the last few years the ever popular Open Source Solution WordPress seems to have gained significant traction in the stratosphere. Based on latest round of statistics nearly 15% of all websites on the internet are operational thru WordPress. Quite amazing honestly considering the niche it started out as many years ago. As part of its evolution, the application continues to improve with addition of new features giving users the ability additional control, flexibility, and improved functionality. For those surrounded by the application a version update means another round of upgrades (or headaches, depending on how you look at it).

Always BACKUP, BACKUP, BACKUP Before Upgrading!!!

Backups should be an essential component to anyone using WordPress. Save yourself some time and unnecessary headaches by running regularly schedule backups on your WordPress installation. Personally, I’ve found the BackWPup Free – WordPress Backup Plugin to be an extremely handful companion. After having used several basic plugins, this one definitely takes the cake. Schedule regular backups to avoid unexpected fallouts with your site especially prior to a WP upgrade.

WordPress 3.7 “Basie” Features

This particular version of WordPress has been code named “Basie” in honor of the American jazz pianist William James “Count” Basie. The application comes with a variety of new features, bells and whistles. As expected from a revolutionary application in its continued thrive for improved users experience. Some of the new addition and changes within WP 3.7 include:

  • Automatic updates in background mode – maintenance and security updates can now be applied automatically. Quite a beneficial feature if you ask me especially for those webmasters with limited time. A handy feature for keeping your WordPress installation finely tuned.
  • Stronger passwords & security features – the newly integrated password protection and ranking tool helps users establish authoritative passwords. The password generation tool will help guide the user during the password selection process by letting them know the character ‘strength’.
  • Improved global support – the localized versions of WordPress now contain faster updates and translations. Automatic language support now comes standard within WP providing automated updates of language packs.

Developers have a few new features as well to play with as outlined in the WP 3.7 codex. The next major update including WP 3.8 is due out in December 2013.

Hope you’re all staying up-to-date to avoid security vulnerabilities and maximize WP potential to its fullest!