Why You (and me) Need a Healthy Life Balance

Just until recently I was unable to get off my lazy butt and get engaged with physical exercise.  Perhaps not quite “lazy” but overwhelmed due to all the day-to-day life activities and a fully booked work schedule that made it feel impossible for me to find the time.  It has been approximately 12 years since the last time I was really involved in any type of physical exercise.  Not quite sure why it took me so long to even reconsider one again.  Maybe all the Life changing events, peer pressure, economic downfall and lack of support from friends and family contributed to all of that. (more…)

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Resolutions for 2012 to Fulfill

If there’s one thing that I’m thankful for thus far in 2012 it’s that 2011 is far behind.  There’s so much that has happened in the last 12 months that quite frankly I’m having trouble just making sense out of it all.  In all the entire year was one giant roller coaster…literally.  Now there’s a lot of folks out there that will try to make-up a story for you so you can show some sympathy.  That’s not me though so here’s my story and the goals I’ve decided to set for myself to improve upon during this upcoming year. (more…)

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Out With the Old, In With the New

The end of something old brings the beginning of something new. Old adventures lead to new opportunities. It’s 11:00 p.m. on a Thursday evening and my brain has been attempting to process something rather difficult for the last two months. Keeping those that we love and care for close can be a challenging task to do but an even harder one to accomplish when having to let go. During the last eight years of my Life I was a part of something spectacular, comforting, and a big part of my early 20’s.


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