Just until recently I was unable to get off my lazy butt and get engaged with physical exercise.  Perhaps not quite “lazy” but overwhelmed due to all the day-to-day life activities and a fully booked work schedule that made it feel impossible for me to find the time.  It has been approximately 12 years since the last time I was really involved in any type of physical exercise.  Not quite sure why it took me so long to even reconsider one again.  Maybe all the Life changing events, peer pressure, economic downfall and lack of support from friends and family contributed to all of that.

I’m not blaming it all on those particular reasons however each of those did have a reflection on my personal life.  If anything it all started and ended with me therefore I felt that it was time for some drastic measures.

As of a couple of weeks ago I decided to start running again.  Woop Woop!  If I was to get back into shape and shed some pounds then something had to give.  So, my first weekend out-and-about was quite productive.  First day I ran 2.2 miles on the Katy Trail and on the second day came real close to doubling that distance but only ended up with 3.82 miles.

You ask, “What motivated you to start exercising again?”

“The will is the keystone in the arch of human achievement. It is the culmination of our complex mental faculties. It is the power that rules minds, men and nations.” – Thomas Parker Boyd

Some wise words right there.  Maybe I heard a higher calling that simply didn’t get thru initially.  Whatever it was that pushed me to try harder it definitely worked.  In the grand scheme of things it’s all about willpower.  Not that it was ever missing but perhaps wasn’t put to full good use.  After my second week running I’ve came to the realization that this is exactly what has been missing in my Life all along.  It’s like you’re being re-energized on daily basis and given the power to achieve anything you set your mind on.  I may be slowly becoming addicted to running too due to the impact it has on me by making me feel refreshed and simultaneously simply providing me with a peace of mind.

Now that things are slowly moving along and I’m exercising once again I’ve got to admit that it has also started to reflect on my work.  I’m finding myself being more focused and concentrated on short and long-term goals.  Also each day doesn’t seem like a drag anymore.  In fact just this past week I’ve put in some long work hours and for the first time in a quite extensive period of time it felt like a true accomplishment was achieved.

So, were/are you challenged in staying healthy?  What were some obstacles you overcame?  How do you maintain a healthy life balance?