Exactly 28 days ago I made a pact to fast. A part of a spiritual agreement to give up something I enjoy in lieu to Easter. So, alcohol took the plunge. A whoppin’ 28 days of no alcohol for me. Quite the tall order to fulfill. Exactly what friends, family, and even certain acquaintances thought about my idea.

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As of Easter evening I’m proud to announce that I’ve successfully fulfilled this task.

Yes, indeed. Not a drip of alcohol during the last 28 days. There were several tempting close encounters. Even though I made a valiant commitment to document the entire journey on daily basis, unfortunately that did not pan out as I expected. Mainly because of my crazy work schedule. The newly found life of a solopreneur stretches farther than one anticipates. However, below you will find a recap of the few articles I published regarding this experiment.

Takeaways from Detoxication

Persistence. Dedication. Willpower. It was quite the exceptional exercise. An amazing test of mind power. Our human brains are capable of navigating through a variety of obstacles. Consider this being one for the books. I launched a Periscope session a few days ago and chatter with my Twitter community about the experience. Keep in mind that if you’re a moderate drinker (which I’m not fortunately) then this exercise may have ended up as a complete flop. It’s not for everybody and definitely would discourage anyone who considers themselves a moderate drinker or in AA to refrain from this type of exercise.

The Hustle

For me I’ve always had the mentality that you work hard, put in the time, and the rest will follow. At least in the U.S. where a naturalized citizen like me can leverage opportunities that were otherwise non-existent in my home country. Since day one of my career I’ve busted my ass as hard as I could. Not for the monetary aspect of things but rather my passion for digital marketing. It’s a way of life. A cultural approach to humanize do business that creates strategies and help seize business opportunities.

<u! For years I’ve heard people comment on certain successes I’ve experienced in digital marketing. It’s a natural way of how we as humans reflect on failures by comparing them to other people’s successes. For example, I’ve had clients take a stab at SEO by employing a DIY method. The result ended up in massive frustrations from failing to accomplish their goals. Unrealistic expectations and incoherence lead to failure. For some that’s acceptable and willing to fail multiple times, spend thousands of dollars, and yet never learn anything from such exercise.

The definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over again while expecting different results. It’s in the best interest of your brand to invest I seasoned expertise. The areas you’re incoherent in because ultimately for the long term you are saving yourself turmoil, headaches, and additional failures.

Building Up Your Endurance

There’s one thing I’ve learned in my career thus far. Building up endurance is probably one of the toughest things to accomplish in business. About as rough as sustainability which sometimes may take years.

  • Plan for digital marketing endeavors.
  • Invest in marketing assessments/audits.
  • Project through development of a digital marketing plan to build up that endurance.
  • Consult with a seasoned individual to gain insight on strategic direction.

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