The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results. In the business world, that very same mentality is more true than anything else. In order to experience success in business and achieve your goals, you must step outside of the comfort zone. Perform the unthinkable. Engage in an unusual manner. Conquer fear by tackling it head on.

When I first began my digital marketing career to many I seemed like a bit of a sour apple. Honestly, I don’t blame those few who perceived me in such fashion during that time. I’d have said the same thing about me as I reflect back on those times. In some extent, perhaps it’s the cultural indifferences playing a determining role in rationale. After all, us Eastern Europeans possess a bit of an edgy yet deliberate personalities. But as time passed on it became quite evident that an attitude adjustment was long overdue.

Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone & Do the Unthinkable

Being Social

One of the key ingredients in business entails in being sociable. I’m not just referring to social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, or Instagram either. I’m talking about actual physical interaction with others. Being able to network, shake hands, and start conversations. Believe it or not, this particular aspect of business in reality is actually quite challenging for a lot of business owners. There’s one thing I’ve learned the hard way. Business will not come knocking on your door willingly. You have to go out and find those opportunities.

So, here’s my advice on being more sociable and interactive:

  • Engage more often on social media networks. I would strongly advise joining Twitter and leveraging it as a conversation starter. You’d be surprised at the untapped potential.
  • Register for conferences. These are a great opportunity for meeting people in person. After all in business it’s imperative to meet new people and establish likability.
  • Participate in local happy hour events. Socializing in a relaxed environment can be considered as one of the best opportunities to meet new people, learn about their businesses, and spark potential for new business opportunities. These type of events are not about selling but more for interaction.


This is a pretty big one. I am not trying to be degrading by any means here either. In the grand scheme of things, a vast majority of business owners have a certain mindset that they operate their brand under. Unfortunately, in a sense change stems from optimism. The ability to try new things and explore other ways of doing performing certain tasks in business. A narrow-minded mentality is not an intelligent way of running a business. You need to be constantly trying things and exploring new horizons that can enhance the business footprint of your brand.


Terms like expert, guru, specialist have become significantly diluted to me. I perceive them as an inaccurate way of labeling someone based on their level of expertise. It resembles the old days of corporate world where everyone was required to have a fancy title for the sake of appearances. In today’s fast-paced digital marketing world business owners are forced to adapt towards the largest disruption of business methods in history. Therefore, in my opinion labeling someone as an expert, guru, or specialist is an inaccurate representation of their capabilities. In passing during business conversations I make it clear that I purposely do not label myself as neither one of those.

Exploration is a key ingredient in business evolution. The ability to explore new ways to enhance the operations and success of your brand. For example, online courses have gained large popularity allowing business owners to explore and learn new tactics for their business. Webinars on specific business verticals with focus on a single niche are gaining a lot of momentum as well. These are all great avenues allowing small businesses to sharpen their business potential.

Do the Unthinkable

Predictability can be considered as a negative trait in business. Especially in a day and age surrounded by a digital marketing revolution. In such a fast-paced digital world it’s even more imperative to conquer the unthinkable. Perform certain tasks that you have not done before. Engage people or even potential prospects in a slightly different approach that you are not typically accustomed. Honestly, breaking the barriers of foreign territory can in actuality be considered as a large asset to your brand.

Here are a few examples of what I’ve done recently that can be considered as unthinkable:

  • Started my official daily e-mail newsletter a little over a month ago. It was something I’ve thought about for quite some time but never actually made it to the of my priority list. Saddening, I know. The intent was to share helpful business and digital marketing information to my audience based on experience. Hopefully something that each of you can also apply to your own businesses. In this short period of time, I’ve seen an unexpected growth of my subscriber list. Actually quite blown away at the level of response. Thank You! I’m truly appreciate of your interest and participation.
  • Networking! In the early days of my career I engaged in many local networking events. However, as time passed I somehow managed to get bogged down with client work and table the one thing I truly enjoyed. So, in 2015 specifically I’ve resurfaced my networking engagements and participating in more local events, happy hours, drinks with old contacts, etc. etc. I consider this move as one of the most viable ones in lieu to business development opportunities and prospecting.
  • Being a better writer. I wrote an article last year on changing blogging fundamentals. In a way an opportunity for me to explore content marketing endeavors in further depth. By craft I’ve never been a writer nor made a stride towards becoming one. Certain individuals in the marketplace even went as far as implying to me that I’d never be a good writer due to the ESL (English as Second Language) barrier. That didn’t really stop me from pursuing this endeavor further though. So, I purposely set out to perfect my writing skills. I began to write more often on my blog and if you have not noticed on my blog thus far, there is a daily consistency of fresh content. Same applies for my e-mail newsletter which you can sign up for FREE and receive this great content on daily basis.

Doing the unthinkable is challenging. I’ll be the first to admit that. Especially for someone like me who struggled with self-confidence in early days of childhood. Peruse through a recent article on Medium that I wrote if interested in reading further about it. It’s a great piece of inspiration in my opinion.

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