Google’s Universal Analytics: Pros & Cons of Making the Leap

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Tracking & measurement of online advertising initiative is imperative in particularly gaining a deeper understanding of visitor behavior. The ability to assess specific activity of users taking place on a website provides marketers and brands equally with ability to understand user mentality, assess behavioral trends, and focus deeper on conversion tracking. Google Analytics does an excellent job at portraying clear visuals of user behavior paired with informative metrics data that dive deeper into specific segments of user intelligence. If you’re a regular user of Google Analytics then you’ve probably heard about its recent introduction of Universal Analytics. (more…)

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Google Analytics: Find Out Who’s Reading Your Content

Understanding traffic performance on your website is an intricate part of success with any marketing initiative and assistance for identifying quantifiable ROI.  Google Analytics offers a free web-based analytical tool that provides website owners with ability to dive in deeper into user behavior, monitor newly emerging trends, setup goals, multi-channel funnels, and more.  A 24/7/365 mechanism running non-stop in attempt to analyze and pinpoint specific activity and engagement of your target audience. (more…)

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Google Analytics Introduces ‘Visitors Flow’ Report


How can you measure your online efforts and success?  Google Analytics!  An amazing tool that anyone with a domain should be leveraging.  It’s easy to install even for the novice user.  The unique reporting features will give you an insight into your domain performance.  You can track the activity and behavior of your website visitors, analyze newly emerging trends and track goal conversions.  If you are new to Google Analytics and would like learn more about this measurement tool head on over to the official Google Analytics website for more details.  In order to create a new account you will simply need an active Google account. (more…)

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