There’s one constant question everyone strives to find the answer to when it comes to their content marketing strategy. How do you acquire more traffic to a site? Perhaps a million dollar question that we would all love to uncover the secret recipe to. The simple answer to this question remains – Hustle, Hustle, Hustle!

Perhaps a poor analogy or comparison but it’s true. These days site owners are far more concerned about rankings, traffic flow, and any other materialistic affections except focusing on what truly matters. We live in a day and age where digital storytelling stands of critical importance. Making human connections with individuals in the marketplace attributes to development of brand personality, loyalty, trust, subject matter expertise, and leadership.

Hustle, Hustle, Hustle!

There’s 3 things you should strongly consider when it comes to content generation.

1. You vs. The World

It’s important to evaluate the competition but gawking over it should be something you want to refrain from. Observe, absorb, and digest what others are doing in the space to acquire some helpful takeaways. Forget about obsession over someone else’s success. It’s simply a waste of your precious time!

2. Uniqueness!

Establishment of a unique voice is one of the main distinctions that separates you from the rest of the world. It’s imperative to develop a strong image that resonates with your own set of beliefs, expertise, and overall methodology to doing things. Hence why I mentioned above that gawking over the success of others may potentially create a close resemblance in your brand voice as most people attempt imitate as oppose to innovate in their own unique way. Sharing  unique perspective with your audience will attribute to the development of a following that appreciates the methodology you put forth and the way it is perceived across.

3. Think Longevity

A content marketing strategy is something that everyone should prepare for the long haul. Your subscriber base won’t increase overnight nor will the amount of potential leads you may generate as result of dynamic content generation. Building trust, establishing credibility, subject matter expertise, thought leadership, and integrity takes time to fully mature. Therefore it’s imperative to put forth  strategic plan of action that will outline the cornerstones of long term success.

What are your biggest challenges with content marketing?