Google Search Ranking Factor

In late 2009 Google announced that website load speed may become a factor in gauging the Page Rank of your website.  Say what?  That’s right.  Word on the street was that Google is considering to factor in the loading time of your website into its algorithm and therefore reflecting on the Page Rank of your website.  While many SEOs were grabbing themselves on the head with both hands others were wondering if they would even have a chance at ranking starting 2010.  In a recent interview with Google’s Matt Cutts with WebProNews  Reporter Mike McDonald he stated that Google would not factor in website load speed into your Page Rank equation.

Matt Cutts Talks About Google Search Relevancy

Are you convinced?  Well, the good thing is that Matt did not say that it is something the Google Search Engine is further pursuing although it may be something to look into further on down the road.  The bottom line is that with so many websites popping up from nowhere the relevancy factor still has to remain a number one concern.  In yet another interview Matt Cutts talks about the relevancy factor in Google. After all one of the primary reasons the search engine was established was to provide relevant results and resourceful information to everyone across the World.

In summary of this post and in case you missed it among my blabbling it boils down to the fact that many have jumped to conclusions.  Just like anything else in this World there are “Pros” and “Cons” to everything.  Those that love what Google is doing for search firmly believe that the search engine giant wouldn’t take this type of step without giving it much consideration.  Now there are others that simply don’t like what Google is doing and would love nothing more than to start up false rumors and jump to conclusions.