EntireWeb Search Engine

EntireWeb is a highly popular and advanced search engine that caters to the international audience.  It was founded in 1999 from what started out as WorldLight.com AB.  The goal of this particular search engine was solely to focus on leading technology solutions and filtration of unstructured data sources.  Sounds too familiar?  Yes, of course!  Nowadays you have search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing that dominate online search and now EntireWeb is looking to get a piece of the action as well.

In January 2010 EntireWeb announced the launch of a new search engine that will be “unlike anything else” out there.  That’s what Bing said when it launched but is it truly delivering the results that everyone expected and its creators claimed that it would do?!  EntireWeb claims that it’s new search engine due out in Spring 2010 will create serious competition for “The Mighty Google” and perhaps even Bing.  Yahoo couldn’t really be considered as a competitor especially with a 16.7% market share and falling. Not to mention the recent buyout by Microsoft probably won’t help things but rather make them worse.

New EntireWeb Search Engine – Another Bing?

EntireWeb’s new search engine will have ultimate functionality for the front-end user while delivering traffic to its indexed sites.  Google gives EntireWeb.com a PageRank of 6 but who knows, this may just change in a couple of months from now.  Some of the features that the new EntireWeb search engine will have are listed below:

  • Skins – change the look and feel of the front page of www.entireweb.com Sound familiar?  It may cause some competition to iGoogle as more and more users like the custom look of their browser views.
  • Images – a full index that includes a collection of images found in the search engine.  Where will images.google.com fall into competition on this one?  Yet to see!
  • Search Suggestions – much like Google, Yahoo, and Bing already do so you will be able to experience enhanced search with the Search Suggestions functionality.  It does make things easier especially when you are looking for something niche or unheard of perhaps.
  • Real Time – while Google is still refining its Real Time search it appears that they may have a competitor searching for a gold medal. The EntireWeb Real Time search will truly be something that alot of users and searchers will enjoy to its fullest extent.
  • Socially-Relevant Content – how about finding out the latest trends on Twitter?  Latest Tweets?  What about real tim stream on Facebook?  In search for direct connect with MySpace activity stream?  Well, EntireWeb claims that a part of its newly revised search engine platform will include relevant results from activity streams across major social media networks.

If this particular search engine truly delivers organic traffic and functionality unlike other then the World of search may just change once again.  How about Search Engine Optimization and the way it will reflect your website?  Will you begin SEO optimization of your website per EntireWeb’s Guidelines?

While there are many questions still to be answered I’d like to know your response on this.  What do you think about the new EntireWeb Search Engine and the hype that it has created about it?