Your Facebook Fan Page

Facebook provides a social media marketing platform for business owners.  Whether it’s Facebook advertising or simply a business fan page there are various ways that you can leverage it achieve an ROI.  If you have a Facebook fan page then it’s important to ensure that it’s constantly updated.  Why?  Your Facebook fan page has a page rank too!

Why It’s Important to Maintain Your Facebook Fan Page

You Facebook fan page impacts your organic visibility within search engines such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing.  It’s a part of the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) and visible to searchers when they look for your products or services.  Check the existing PageRank of your Facebook fan page by using this nifty little tool.

Why Should I Care About my PageRank?

PageRank is a metric used by search engines to identify the quality of your web presence.  This consists of anything from your website, blog, or social media presence in this case.  Having a high PageRank score (on a scale of 1-10) will contribute towards the improvement of your search engine visibility and assist with capturing qualified leads.  When it comes to PageRank of your Facebook fan page there are several strategies including the ones listed below that you can put in place to improve it.

  1. Content – remember that content is king and you need to stay consistent with it.  While there are certain patterns in activity that you can put into place I would highly suggest that you update your fan page as often as possible.  Don’t be excessive and appear as a spammer but at the same time provide a consistent flow of fresh content about your products or services.
  2. Share – if you find information on the web that pertains to your business share it on your Wall for your audience to engage with.  Recent studies have shown that complimenting other brands may actually increase your likability in the social space.
  3. Feed – every website or blog should have an rss feed accessible to its readers.  Your website should be no exception to this as well.  Connect and integrate your RSS feed onto your Facebook fan page for your visitors to see.  Give them an option to subscribe so they can always stay in touch with you.
  4. Converse – social media is about developing a conversation with your audience.  Communicate with your fans and create a circle of trust between your brand and them.  Address any questions or concerns your audience may express towards your products or services.

Using the strategies mentioned above will help contribute towards the improvement of your Facebook fan page PageRank. It’s not something that will yield results immediately so don’t expect instant results.  Consistency is key and you need to stay on top of your fan page.  Search Engine Spiders crawl your website domain typically every two weeks to a month.  Each time they come across it they will identify any new activity that has been contributed towards the improvement of your organic visibility.  Your Facebook fan page falls in-line with this and any changes or updates you’ve made to it will be reflected upon.

Optimize Your Facebook Fan Page Today – Improve Organic Visibility