Managing your Twitter & Facebook accounts can be quite time consuming.  In some instances it may take you several hours to monitor and engage with your audience.  How about measurement and breakdown of network performance?  When it comes to Twitter & Facebook social media management many are puzzled on how to accurately measure ROI and conversions.  Recently I was invited to a beta version of Crowdbooster.  A web-based dashboard tool that measures your performance and success within Twitter & Facebook.

I know what you’re thinking.  “Here’s another dashboard tool.”  Precisely the same thing floating in my brain when I first received the invite in my inbox.  I’ve too become quite skeptical of all the new social media management tools available on the web today.  Although I took the optimistic approach and decided to give it a shot.  One of the first things that blew me away was the speedy UI which is something you don’t typically see in a web-based management tools that aggregate large amounts of data.  It also has an inviting look and feel that won’t stain your pupils.  After digging in a little deeper I quickly took a liking to this tool.

What does Crowdbooster really do though anyway?

When it comes to Twitter & Facebook management there’s quite a bit that you can do with it.  One of the drawbacks here though is lack of desktop dashboard capabilities.  Perhaps something that will be considered in later versions.

A Little Bit About Crowdbooster

When it comes to social media engagement in particularly with Twitter & Facebook there’s tremendous amount of untapped potential.  Undiscovered opportunities that open new doorways into communication with your target audience and help you acquire new customers.  Crowdbooster’s mission remains strongly focused on real connections with consumers in your respective industry.  It’s not about automation and quantities but rather establishment of real connections between your fans and followers.  This particular tool focuses on creating and maintaining an effective social media presence.

  • Social Graph – not just your typical social graph that provides basic information about social influence.  The Dashboard view delivers real time data which provides details on social network performance.  Located under the Impressions tab with the options to select a specific date range to analyze.  A quick overview of tweets/status updates Impressions, Replies, ReTweets, and Responses.
  • Recommendations – probably one of the most useful options that Crowdbooster has to offer.  The system will pull information from your Twitter & Facebook accounts then make suggestions on who to contact based on their network influence.  A klout score has been factored into this segment which allows for direct communication with each user from within Crowdbooster itself.  Available scheduling options will make suggestions on response and engagement with alike individual users.  This rather unique feature really peaked my interest simply because it prompted me to schedule my posts during specific times to ensure proper response.
  • Follower/Fan Growth – stay in close touch with your audience by monitoring network evolvement.  The Growth Graph delivers key metrics about your network exposure and interaction with fans and followers.  A detailed breakdown of activity on Facebook fans and adjacent reporting on Twitter followers.
  • Influential Users – Crowdbooster’s intelligence taps into your Twitter & Facebook networks to deliver information about key influencers.  It will help you create a strategy on how to surround yourself with these key players and provide additional exposure for your brand.
  • Top Reweeters/Posters – another great feature which identifies key players and contributors within your networks.  The table view chart delivers information on each individual user in addition to each post that they have shared or tweet that has been retweeted.  Rather useful when it comes to identifying a true audience.
  • Reports – these are extremely helpful for individual or client reporting purposes.  Customize the information you choose to export prior to compiling the report itself.  A great feature which gives you control over data segmentation.

Crowdbooster remains in beta as of this moment and perhaps will be launching publicly very soon.  Since the invitation which was sent to me about a month ago I’ve spent some time identifying its key features.  To be quite honest in my opinion this is a great tool for managing Twitter & Facebook accounts.  As it stands there are 4 remaining invites that I have and am willing to share them with anyone who’s seriously interested in using this platform for their brand.

A full breakdown of Crowdbooster’s features can be found here.  Since they are still considered a startup if you are already using this platform please consider opting into their Business or even Agency plans.  There’s quite a bit more to this great tool than what has been outlined.