Top 5 Tips for Effective Twitter Communication

Twitter has become one of the largest and most popular communication tools on the Internet.  A platform that lets users exchange information in 140 characters with the blink of an eye.  While Twitter continues to dominate the market many remain skeptical about its true potential.  How does such platform help your business?  How can you generate lead-ins?  What are some key strategies that you should utilize?  All good questions and valid to their fullest extent.  Based on the ‘Current State of Twitter [INFOGRAPHIC]‘ it shows that the entire globe has taken over the social media platform.  

Effective Twitter Communication

For novices to Twitter it may be a bit challenging for you at first while you get accustomed to its features.  All the more fun though, right? (Not Really!)  It can be extremely frustrating to understand how to effectively communicate on Twitter although once you get the hand of it I’m sure you’ll find its true inner potential.  There are various strategies that you can utilize when communicating on Twitter.  Whether you’re on your computer or on the go you can take the social media platform with you wherever you go.  Check out some of the more commercialized mobile apps for your device such as HootSuite, TweetDeck, Twitterific, & Twitter to stay connected with your accounts on the fly.

Top 5 Tips for Effective Twitter Communication

So you’ve got your Twitter account ready to go and you’re eager to get out there and make some buzz about yourself or your company.  Hold your horses for a second here before we jump into anything too advanced for you to handle.  If you have any unanswered questions please check out the support section of Twitter before you do anything drastic.  Below I’ve outlined Top 5 Tips of Effective Twitter Communication which are primarily focused toward growing your business or simply building a network of qualified companies and individuals.

  1. Thank You! – show appreciation to others by complimenting on their status update.  Whether it’s in the form of a ‘Reply’ or ‘ReTweet’ acknowledge the information that’s being pushed thru.  If someone has offered a special promotion or a gift directly to you that you’ve benefited from make sure that you show your appreciation.  I would be careful on this one though simply because there’s also plenty of spam out there as well which may be misleading at times.
  2. RT – ‘ReTweet’ relevant information to your business industry so you can spread the love to others within your network.  Typically this feature is best utilized via your trusted sources or people on your Twitter lists.  Depending on the social media client that you’re using to manage your activity there should be a way for you to setup automatic RT’s for your most trusted sources.  I wouldn’t abuse this feature though but rather exercise with caution.
  3. Getting Personal – even though it can be all business sometimes that personal touch matters.  That’s right!  Time to get a bit personal, touchy, and mushy.  (No strange thoughts here, please)  Part of the equation in doing business with others wraps around your personal touch on things.  Share a thought on someone’s profile but make sure that it’s a meaningful one.  Something along the lines of ‘How about this weather?  Baseball season is right around the corner!’ will suffice.  It’s a conversation starter that may spark the interest of the individual sitting on the other side of the screen.  You definitely want to be careful here though as well.  It may help if you browse around the recipient’s profile for a few seconds to find out a little more information about who they are and perhaps identify some key interests that they may have.
  4. Useful Informationwhen you’re out there sending tweets be conscious about the information that you’re sharing with others.  You’d be surprised at who’s listening on the other end.  Share useful information that can help others benefit within their Life or business.  The sales approach won’t get you far here so please don’t push it.  If you do so then there’s a great chance you won’t gain new followers or lose a few for that matter.  Focus on providing information that can help enhance the experience of others and provide additional benefit to them.
  5. Language – keep it professional and courteous when communicating with others.  I can’t tell you how many people I’ve seen on Twitter that fly off the handle like it’s the local circus.  Let’s be civil here and behave in an adult manner even though there’s plenty of spam, adult content, and Justin Bieber-like communication floating out there.  I know it’s hard!  Trust me when I tell you this though that keeping your conversations focused and targeted will only help you that much toward the effort of communicating with qualified individuals.

When a first stated using Twitter a few years ago I have to admit that it was extremely hard to understand its purpose.  I kid you not when I saw that my frustration and despise of this social media platform was beyond unreal.  Hopefully the Top 5 Tips for Effective Twitter Communication that I have shared with you will help with your social media engagement and connectivity.  Believe me when I tell you that the process of grasping a firm understanding of the information above isn’t something that you’ll comprehend overnight.  After several years of utilizing Twitter as a communication tool I’m learning new things day by day.

Are You Communicating Effectively on Twitter?