By now, those of us in the fast-paced business world are quite familiar with the all too well known LinkedIn social business network. An imperative ingredient for business networking purposes that is simply inevitable. LinkedIn provides entrepreneurs and businesses equally with ability to create new connections, leverage new ones, engage in industry conversations, and opportunity for development of new relationships. It was back in Spring 2011 when LinkedIn Today (now known as Pulse) was introduced as a way to provide working professionals with much needed industry relevant expertise. 

The unanswered question in mind was to determine whether or not working professionals actually engaged with this particular section. An ongoing challenge was to determine the usability of this particular area. Since then, Pulse has evolved to a dominant resource of important business information across all industries. Its levels of engagement and usability continued to evolve over the next couple of years. Eventually, LinkedIn introduced the a functionality enabling reputable industry professionals with ability to publish relevant market information. The evolution of this area was only a matter of time until quite recently when LinkedIn opened its doors to general public by allowing regular LinkedIn users with ability to carve industry articles directly onto its platform.

As of March 2014 LinkedIn now offers marketers with the option of composing industry relevant articles directly into its platform. Getting started though may be a challenge for some therefore it is recommended to embrace the 7 Secrets of Writing Killer Content for LinkedIn guide that has been put together.