LinkedIn presents an immense amount of opportunity for businesses and working professionals equally. For anyone in the B2B or B2C space it’s inevitable to participate proactively within the world’s largest business network. Relationship building has been at the core of business fundamentals and LinkedIn provides a platform with ability to maximize such potential. Since its inception back in 2003, the network has expanded to several countries around the world acquiring some 225 million users. In its recent growth, the network surpassed 1 million users in Norway surpassing yet another milestone in its popularity increase.

As a proactive user of LinkedIn for some years now I’ve come to find that it can act as a gold mine with plenty of untapped potential. The result of active participation yielded several new opportunities that I’m extremely grateful for. With the network’s ongoing market share increase, I’ve noticed several new additions and improvements. In recency, LinkedIn seems to be spending more time focusing on improvements of its insights section including the upgrade to “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” section.

LinkedIn - Who's viewed your profile

For those acquainted with the fundamentals of the network will agree that the newly added feature presents access to additional areas of information. It’s imperative to remain knowledgeable of the sources users used to locate your profile and essentially present an opportunity for understanding engagement levels. Let’s break down the new “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” section more thoroughly.

Being Found thru Google Search

LinkedIn - Who's Viewed Your Profile - Google Search

Now, as a free LinkedIn user, I’m unable to tap into additional information such as specific keywords, skills, field of study, or region for that matter. As a paid member, which I highly recommend for the intense businessman, such detailed information presents a doorway into additional insight.

Viewer’s Geo Location & Company

Another great feature within the enhanced “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” section includes the ability to pinpoint the geo location and specific companies who have interacted with your profile. It’s actually quite the handy piece of information as it outlines specific interest from certain areas and companies.

LinkedIn - Who's viewed your profile - Geo Location & Companies

Industries & Functions

Interestingly enough, even on the free version of LinkedIn, users have the ability to drill down even further into industries and functions. When others view your LinkedIn profile, the new insights feature reports on that users industry and function involvement advising you of their current business positioning.

LinkedIn - Who's viewed your profile - Industries & Functions

LinkedIn can play as a powerful business marketing tool if utilized to its fullest potential. The enhanced features in its insights provides users with valuable information about the interaction with other brands or users for that matter.

What’s your thoughts on the new LinkedIn insights feature for the “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” section?