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YouTube has been a channel that I have not put forth a valiant effort towards. And that has been mainly due to time constraints and priorities (that is not an excuse either). As  I reflect back on 2015 it has made me realize that I have experienced the best time of my 10+ year professional career. Last year was indeed quite rad. 

From working at a local agency to being self-employed and then shifting to running the family business I was always on the move. Never a dull moment during this past year. I even had a small window of opportunity to experiment with YouTube. There was the ‘Digital Marketer Vlog‘ which I launched solely as an experiment. A way to test the waters with video marketing. It was a great opportunity to experiment with different content and messaging. Something that proved to be quite engaging for many visitors and even helped me make some new friends along the way.

All About ‘The Biz Grind’

A hustler’s journey on helping small businesses grow, entrepreneurship, and success. Insight on how to help you grow a business in a fast-paced and saturated digital world.

My reflection of last year made me realize how fast-paced, competitive, and cutthroat the current digital marketplace can really be. Especially for anyone seeking to pursue their dreams of building a business. The modern digital world changes nearly on daily basis. Adaptation towards newly emerging trends and patterns are critical for businesses but in most times unrealistic to accomplish.

The purpose behind launching this new show was share experiences, provide value, and given insight to those seeking to explore the digital realm further. Especially for the new business owner who is curious in discovering potential on the internet. Truth of the matter is that there are many new business owners who are still living under a rock. Guys (and gals), it’s time to wake up and realize that it’s 2016. Stop marketing like it’s 2007 and embrace the power of digital and social media to grow your business.

Community development is something I am seriously striving for here with this show. I am seriously interested in connecting with other entrepreneurs, startups, and anyone interested in learning how to leverage the power of the internet to grow their business. We live in a digital age surrounded by many distractions. That is the world of social media.

A world where each consumer has a voice. Each user has the ability to impact a brand in the way they communicate with it. The rise of mobile usage presents a major challenge for many brands.

How do you make sense of all of this? Tune in to ‘The Biz Grind‘ to learn more about strategic digital marketing practices that can help you grow your business.