As a newfound solopreneur I’m beginning to learn certain things. For example, the ability to focus on running your own race and leaving all the drama behind. Recently I was watching a video from Kanye West on The Breakfast Club that really got me thinking about the direction he’s running his career. In a sense, it resembles a similar approach to mine in terms of the mentality and fundamentals being followed in building up a strong personal brand.

Now, I’m by no means a Kanye West fan. His music doesn’t really strike my liking but his attitude and approach towards business is most definitely eye catching for me. The guy now has 21 Grammy Awards and if that isn’t enough to justify talent, I don’t know what else may be considered as an alternative. Also, the 11 million+ Twitter followers indicates the reputation and level of recognition he has gained in the music industry.

I’ve been freelancing as of the last four or five years. So, it’s not a foreign territory to me by any means. It wasn’t until mid January 2015 though when I finally decided to take the plunge and decided to venture out on my own. It took a lot of guts, self-confidence, and overcoming of fear. The average entrepreneur who ventures out though on their own thinks about fear and self-confidence at some point. Those are inevitable elements that as humans we think about simply due to the fact that failure is something we’re all afraid of.

Running Your Own Race

As far as I can remember, all the way back to way I began my professional career in digital marketing was always told that I’d fail. Any time a different perspective and outlook on things was brought to the table such as client projects, it was almost never perceived as constructive criticism. I’ve had former bosses who borderline threatened me for leaving a job due to simple conflicts of interest. In my humble outlook, you can’t blame anyone for having a difference in opinion. Especially in the digital marketing industry. So, if a brand’s approach and mentality is not succinct with my vision then chances are I’ll seek greener pastures. Honestly, I’ve been completely blown away on several instances where I’ve had other employers attempt to sabotage my departures. I mean, really? I’ve given you a customary two week notice of departure, had no intent of stealing your client base nor did so, and in the end simply wanted a way out. That’s much easier said than done in most situations simply due to the fact that most employers see this move as a slap in the face when in fact that’s absolutely false.

  • Focus on your vision, regardless of what others may tell you
  • Start and run your own race. Move at a speed you’re comfortable with without burning yourself out
  • Filter out the drama and shenanigans that may arise in the social space or by anyone else who may attempt to intervene your focus

Steve Jobs started out with a vision. Way back in the early 80’s and even before entrepreneurship really gained any momentum. Nearly three decades later it turned into one of the most powerful companies in the world. You don’t think that he caught a bad wrap? You don’t think that he was sabotaged multiple times? You don’t think that he was forced to take risks? He experienced all of the above mentioned.

There’s a difficult road ahead in my opinion. No definitive path ahead with a clear map for success. But, I’m ready to walk this path and so should you. As it stands, 13% of Americans are either starting or running their own business.

Take a step of confidence. Pursue your passion. Contribute to the backbone of America. Be happier!