Brand visibility on the web matters and particularly when it comes to lead generation.  Naturally every brand on the interwebz seeks a targeted audience that’s interested in buying their products or services.  Google now generates over 3 billion searches daily while dominating nearly 70% of the search market.  That’s half the global population scouting thru Google at least once a day.

Visibility and positioning matters when it comes to your brand’s online presence.  Consumers demand the latest information on their favorite products or an instant need for particular services.  That’s where Search Engine Optimization or also known as SEO for those of you gurus out there comes into play.  I’m not one to give the elevator speech on SEO specifically in this blog post.  However a strong emphasis on content marketing initiatives for SEO improvement is something that’s quite critical when it comes to inbound marketing.

Why use content marketing initiatives for SEO?

The old days of Meta Data manipulation, keyword stuffing and hidden text are far from over.  Search has evolved significantly over the years requiring brands to position themselves far more competitively.  Majority of search nowadays takes place inside search engines like Google and Bing.  Each use a set of signals to identify value of content in response to consumer’s search query therefore attempting to return the most relevant information.

Using content marketing initiatives for seo improvement such as blogging helps position your brand as a thought leader and essentially a subject matter expert.  It’s no overnight success in achieving optimal results however in time contributes largely towards increased lead generation.  From a search perspective fresh content gives search engine robots a reason to frequent your website domain.  Here’s a few tips on how to get started with an effective content marketing campaign:

  • Get a blog started on your site – nowadays it’s essential to have a blog as a companion to your domain.  A place to share new information about interesting news, products, services and anything else in between.  WordPress offers an easy-to-use platform with ability to get a blog started in no time.  Download the latest version of WordPress to get started with building an authoritative blog.
  • Pick a target market – keep in mind that your content needs to be extremely focused on a select target audience for optimal penetration.  Target demographic?  Industry?  Income level?  These are important pieces of information to consider upfront before engaging in any blog posting activities.  Think of a niche that separates you from the competition and ride that wave for as long as you can.
  • Use those keywords – if you’ve identified the keyword terms for which you’d like to be visible on via search then consider using those inside your content.  For research assistance tools such as Google AdWords Keyword Tool or SEObook can help you dive in deeper to identify long-tailed keyword terms and phrases.  As search engine robots crawl the content  they will attempt to match them with a user’s query in attempt to provide some targeted traffic into the article’s virtual location.
  • Develop a theme – when writing content on your blog think in terms of developing an overall theme.  Are you focusing on inbound marketing?  Are you offering SEO tips?  Whatever it may be ensure that individual pieces of content are interconnected in some way or somehow.

According to the latest algorithmic shifts from Google it’s highly encouraged to utilize more content within your website in attempt to boost organic rankings.  You may ask if there’s a scientific approach to achieving optimum results.  Well, sort of and not really.  Chances are you’ll do a fine job at writing content for seo however if even curious about how to squeeze the most out of it to acquire targeted organic visibility in search then I would strongly suggest inquiring further with an experienced seo professional.  The DYI approach will only take you so far.

Have questions about content marketing and want to know how to increase leads?  Share your comments below.