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Starting an SEO campaign and actively running it requires several elements to play an active role and be executed properly. Although one of the most important things that you need to consider within your campaign are the types of tools you will use to track and measure your Return-On-Investment (ROI). Advanced Web Ranking is a great addition to any SEO toolbox providing enhanced tracking capabilities.

Tracking Your SEO Success & Activity

When it comes to measuring your online success as I mentioned above you need to be quite careful about the tools that you use.  One in particular that I’ve had great success with over the course of the last few years has been with Advanced Web Ranking Manager.  A custom designed tool to help you with tracking your Search Engine Optimization progress, monitoring your competitors, and help you optimize your content for better visibility.  There are quite a few options and features that this particular nifty tool has and some of t hem are listed below.

Advanced Web Ranking Manager Features

  • Search Engine Friendly – emulates searches thru search engines manually just as you would perform such action at Google, Yahoo, Bing, or any other search engine.  This ensures accuracy and returns all results on a specific domain.
  • Rank Evolution Charts – highly customizable overview charts that show time evolution of your domain’s performance on the web.
  • Scheduled Updates – if work has you backed up till next Christmas then rest assured that this piece of software will automatically update your site ranking based on a pre-defined scheduled task.  You can be in the know of your keyword rank and website rank at all times with automatic scheduled updates.
  • Keyword Suggestions – get new ideas for keywords to optimize with powerful enhancements and features from Google Suggest and the mighty WordTracker APIs.  Stay ahead of your competitors by identifying new keyword terms that you can rank and bank on.  This keyword research tool can work wonders for your website and assist with improvement of your organic visibility.
  • Google & Yahoo API – this particular feature is typically offered to the White Hat SEO Practitioners although as a user of Advanced Web Ranking Manager you will also get access to this power AJAX driven API which enables you to query each search engine programatically.
  • Project Manager – this unique feature comes in quite handy when you’re monitoring several domains.  Saving time on project management is important and this is no exception when it comes to shuffling thru your client’s domains.  The Project Manager features enables you to gain quick access to specific domains and information needed for the next client report.
  • Printable Reports – the reporting feature gives you access to various options of report creation.  Generate reports on the go as you need them to have them sent to you automatically via e-mail to a specific location.
  • Local Search – tap into data on your local competitors by gaining access to geo targeted information and keywords.  Find out easily how your competitors are optimizing their website and specific keyword terms that they have visibility on.
  • Triggers – create custom filters that will generate reports based on your liking and certain behaviors.  An excellent feature if you’re monitoring an industry specific or audience oriented website.
  • Keyword Research Tool – browse thru all your keyword terms easier to identify main points of traffic and easily capitalize on those.  There’s nothing more hassling than having thru filter thru hundreds of keyword terms to find ones which generate the most amount of traffic to your domain.
  • User Profiles – in the Server Edition of Advanced Web Ranking Manager you have the ability to create custom user profiles for multi-user support.  An excellent feature when multi-tasking between various users in your company to stay on top of your clients SEO progress.

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Managing Your Backlinks and Competitor Analysis

One of the most important parts within your SEO campaign entails in link building to other relevant websites, directories, or blogs.  The Advanced Link Manager provides access to monitoring of your backlinks and finding out top ranking websites on the web.  Companies such as Microsoft, Sony, Apple, Amazon, Nvidia, MTV Networks, Siemens, & Disneyare amongst the few that have vested their trust in this amazing tool for monitoring of their link popularity.  It’s a trusted brand and link manager software that will get the job done.  Below are a few of its key features that will assist you with your backlinking monitoring and SEO campaign further.

Advanced Link Manager Features

  • Analyze Your Domain’s Quality – this particular feature can help you identify which domains on the web are worth acquiring links from.  An automated evaluation of other related websites on the internet and that impact the overall Page Rank of your own website domain.
  • Website Crawler – a helpful assistant that can crawl a specific domain and identify all top level and internal links.  The end result yields in generating a file format that can be used for your Sitemap submission.
  • Website Analyzer – this nifty feature of the Advanced Link Manager lets you improve your on-page optimization and ensures that you’ll gain proper visibility with your content.  In addition to analyzing individual pages of your website you can do the same for your competitors and always be up-to-par on their latest tricks.

While the list of features goes on I would highly recommend that you head on over to their website and check out the available options and plans.  There are various options for you to choose from and I’m sure that you’ll find one that will suit your needs.

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