Still questioning the importance of a mobile-friendly website presence? From a broad perspective, over 40% of all web traffic generated now accounts for mobile and tablet devices across multiple industries according to a recent study by Cisco. In November 2014, Google even introduced the official ‘mobile-friendly’ labels for the SERPs. Truth of the matter is that consumers are utilizing mobility to its fullest potential. Recently, Google went as far as introducing the ‘Mobile Usability’ section within Webmaster Tools. Another emphasis on the critical importance behind strategic and targeted mobile marketing.

Where Can I Find this Mobile Usability Feature?

The mobile usability option can be located in your Google Webmaster Tools profile for a specific domain. It is the last sub-menu option under the Search Traffic title. A graph will be displayed in the overview section allowing for quick monitoring of current problematic areas. These will typically entail in a reporting of certain inadequate interaction points as deemed by Google’s quality guidelines.

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How Will This Feature Help My Website?

In order to ensure the friendliest mobile experience for your visitors, it’s imperative to comply with certain guidelines. Google’s Mobile-Friendly Websites Guide is a great resource for testing mobile compliance for your website. Everything from design, typography, context, and specific visuals has to seamlessly align in order to provide your mobile target audience with a friendly brand interaction experience.

Start with the Mobile-Friendly Test first to see how your existing website is interpreted by Google. One of the best places to dive-in directly if interested in finding out more about configuration of your CMS software is the Software Customization page.

Tying It All In for Optimal Mobile SEO

The Google Mobile-Friendly Websites Guide can be quite overwhelming especially for the novice user. It contains a plethora of resources that emphasize upon the importance of mobile SEO to ensure a focused user experience. If you’re looking to gauge all of the essential elements Google particularly looks for in a mobile-friendly website, than check out the Mobile-SEO Checklist.

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