I’m a diligent searcher for information. Anything that helps me enhance my knowledge base. I see Google as an endless resource of information. A neverending wealth of knowledge that enhances our daily lives. Helping us find answers to common and not so common questions. In my recent quest into the unknown I discovered something quite interesting.

Did you know that Google’s ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ feature has evolved over the years?

I'm Feeling Lucky

Are You Feeling Lucky?

What is the ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ feature you ask? The next time you visit www.google.com, take it a for a spin. In simpler terms, Google will return the first organic search result based on a search query you use and bypass the SERP altogether. Simple, right? Some 1% of Google’s users bypass the SERP with intent of going straight to the first organic result. So, naturally over the years Google got creative with with feature to make it a bit more interesting.

A Google a Day

As mentioned above, during my recent quest after an interaction with the ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ feature, I stumbled across A Google a Day. To put it simply, it’s you vs. Google. Some are confident enough to give it a whirl while others hesitant in battling the search giant for knowledge.

A Google a Day


Take it a for a spin the next time you’re scouring the interwebz.