I’m ecstatic to announce the rebirth of my Digital Marketing Revolution podcast. An experimental project that began back in December 2013. Unfortunately due to time constraints I was forced to put a lid on it after four episodes. After careful consideration and acknowledgement of high demand in the marketplace, I arrived at the conclusion that a rebirth was due. So, the first episode of 2015 was just released and ready for download. 

As it stands, the podcast is only available through iTunes and SoundCloud. If you have an iOS or Android compliant device including a mobile phone or tablet than it should be fully compliant. SoundCloud particularly offers a free app for both platforms and should allow for easier accessibility. I am currently exploring other avenues in effort to broaden reach of the podcast as well.

About the DMR Podcast

Back in late 2013 I began to think more about the evolution of digital marketing. Something that every company these days attempts to find a way how to monetize it. Everything from SEO, SEM, Social Media, Content Marketing, UX/UI, Website Development, User Personas, Display Advertising, and more. I would classify digital marketing as anything that pertains to the web. Therefore I decided to experiment with an iTunes podcast at the time in attempt to gauge local market interest. Little did I know that it was the launch of new endeavor. In a matter of three months, the podcast caught local attention. It received enough engagement from local marketing experts to the point that they were seeking more information.

However, due to time constraints I ended up putting a lid on the show until recently. It made it through four episodes before ending up on a hiatus.

The Digital Marketing Revolution podcast focuses on all things digital marketing. Guests and industry insight on how to maximize the power of the digital realm and increase market footprint. It is a weekly podcast averaging 15-20 minutes in length.

Episode 5 of the podcast is now available for download.