Local Search Marketing
Local Search Marketing

As a business owner there are certain duties and obligations that you try to fulfill.  One of them consists of providing exposure of your business on the web.  A great way to get started with promoting your products or services is to consider a Local Search Marketing Campaign to put yourself in front of consumers on the web.  AdWords Express provides a robust platform for local business advertisers with the ability to market your products and services to them.

AdWords Express & The Local Business Owner

The AdWords Express platform gives local searchers the ability to connect with your business and find your products or services.  Your business will be advertised on Google Maps and appear in such fashion in the Search Engine Result Pages.  For example, you’re a search marketing company in St. Louis, Missouri and interested in connecting with such target audience.  As a consumer in St. Louis, Missouri performing a search query for “search marketing company st. louis” or “search marketing company” I will be able to find all businesses that specialize in this industry.  When you create your AdWords Express business account you will have the opportunity to claim the physical address of your location.  In the Search Result Pages (SERP) of Google your business will be marked with a blue pin and pinpoint your business address along with your custom ad text.

Getting started with AdWords Express takes a few minutes.  Simply visit the AdWords Express website and setup your new account.  Follow the simple steps in setting it up which consists of claiming your business address along with writing your ad copy.  Your ad will be searchable in a matter of minutes.

Connect with local customer, generate more sales, and increase ROI.  Enjoy!